How to Make Round or Circular Window Treatments

What You'll Need
Blind kit
Sewing needle
Flexible rods

As with arched windows, your round or Paladin window can also require a different range of round top window treatments to protect your room from outside observers and the sun. If you are looking for a good way to improve your windows, keep in mind that a bit of  interest can also add a lot to a room. Some types of round windows can make the ordinary kind of round top window treatments unsuitable, like if the top is in a very narrow space. Most round top windows are not suited to the ordinary drapery treatments, so you have to look for different alternatives.

Step 1 - Use Conventional Blinds

You may be able to purchase a range of commercial blind kits to fit into your round topped window without making the rest of the room seem ugly. You should install the majority of the blind parts on the floor near to the window, and then mount the blind frame into the wall around the window.

Once this has been done, place the blind onto the frame and screw all the pieces into place. Make sure that the blind is facing the right way, otherwise you may struggle to open and close it. The tops of most blinds are straight, so it will be necessary to fit the top of the blind above the top of the round window.

Step 2 - Used Draped Fabric

You can also try making your own round curtains out of fabric. Start by measuring out a suitable amount of ordinary fabric, with a foot or so extra length to allow for pleats. When this is done, you should then sew an inch or so of hem around the edge of the fabric, keeping it in place.

When this is done, create a series of pleats by folding over the fabric at the top, and stitching it in. Leave a small length of thread at each end of the drapery. Screw a hook into the wall on either side of the window, and then attach your lengths of thread to the hooks. Tie the thread in tightly, and then arrange the curtains as you wish.

Step 3 - Install Round Curtains

In some home improvement stores, you will be able to find some flexible rods for your curtain which can be positioned above the round window top. You will need to add a few hooks along the line of the rail, which may  disturb the movement of the drapery. Once the hooks are in, position the rod along the line, so that it is forced to curve upwards. When this is done, you can fit your curtain drapery onto the rod. If you are making these kinds of proper curtains, then you may also want to use curtain lining, as these will protect your fabric from wear and tear.