How to Make Round Pot Racks With Old Materials How to Make Round Pot Racks With Old Materials

What You'll Need
Round Scrap Metal
S Hooks
Tape Measure

Round pot racks are usually installed right above a kitchen island or counter located in the middle of the kitchen area. This is a great way to organize and access your cookware, especially if you have no more cupboard or cabinet space in your kitchen. Rather than purchase an expensive round pot rack, you can simply create your own using old materials you have in your home or find in a junkyard. Here is an easy way to make a round pot rack with old materials.

Step 1 - Choose a Location

This is where you will be hanging your round pot rack. Choose a location wherein you are comfortable with at the same time accessible to you anytime you will be needing another pot or pan while you are cooking. Most people will install this close to the stove or right above the kitchen counter or island. Do not hang too close to a wall because once you hang your pots and pans it will look awkward. Do not install behind the door or right beside a cabinet as well since this will make it hard for you to open them when there is something in the way.

Step 2 - Drill the Ceiling

Take your hand drill and place a half-inch hole in the ceiling. Take your hooks and secure them very well. Ceiling hooks will have basic instructions how to properly secure them without falling off. Follow instructions Step carefully.

Step 3 - Drill Holes

Take your round scrap metal depending on how many S hooks you plan to put on the rack. Drill it on the lower end of the width of the rack. On the upper end of the rack, drill 4 holes evenly spaced on the 4 sides (forming a N, S, E and W) for the S hooks that will hold the chain from the ceiling. Give at least a ½-inch from the edge.

Step 4 - Hook the S Hooks and Chain

Hook the chains on the main ceiling hook and then hook the ends of the chains on the 4 hooks connected to the round pot rack with S hooks as well. The chain’s length will depend how you are able to access it with even using a ladder.

Step 5 - Hang Pots and Pans

Now that your rack is hung in place, attach the S hooks on the lower holes you drilled earlier on the round pot rack. Place them one at a time balancing the weight of the pots. One pot on one edge and then put another one on one edge until you fill them all out.

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