How to Make Seat Boards and a Tabletop for a Home Diner How to Make Seat Boards and a Tabletop for a Home Diner

What You'll Need
Wooden boards
Wood screws
Pipe clamps

Making a home diner table-top and support for your home diner is a good way of converting family mealtimes into an exciting event. You can make a home diner using some basic tools and some plywood 2x4s. Before you can make the bench seats and the tabletop for your diner, you will need to make the bench frame. Once this is done, you can construct the home diner bench seat boards and tabletop boards to fit the pieces you have already cut. You can use wood glue to hold the pieces of the bench together, and you could also use wood screws to hold the wood together as it dries.

Step 1 - Make the Seat Boards

The seat boards for the home diner benches must be built to cover your bench frame. Begin by measuring the frame, and then use this measurement to cut down the seat boards. Using your jigsaw, cut down your wooden boards until they are slightly longer than the frame of the bench. You will need to make notches into one of the boards, which will be fitted at the back of the bench and must go around the upright. Carefully measure the lengths of the uprights to ensure that you only remove what is necessary from your seat boards.

Step 2 - Make the Tabletop

Cut the tabletop so that it is 2 or 3 inches wider than the full extent of the seat boards. You will need to cut several pieces of board, and then fix them together. Use your jigsaw to cut around the ends of the boards, and then place them flat on the ground. Each of the boards needs to be identical in length and width to the others, so it is a good idea to use your first cut board as a template for the others.

Step 3 - Jointing the Boards

You should then use the jointer to cut along the lengths of the boards, making joints. If you do not have a jointer, then simply cut a slice off of the top of one board, so it looks like an L, and then cut the bottom of another, so that it looks like a backwards "r" shape. Repeat this along the line of boards so that all of the boards for the middle have an "L" and an "r" shape. Sand down the cuts so that your boards fit together tightly.

Step 4 - Assembling the Boards

You now need to assemble the bench seats and the table top. Starting wth the seat boards, spread a little wood glue onto the bottom arm of the "L" shape, and then press the corresponding board (with the slice removed from the bottom), into position. Hold the boards in place while you screw down one side and then the other using your wood screws. Take your pipe clamps, and hold the boards together on the work bench until the glue dries.

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