How To Make Sheer Door Panel Curtains

Sheer door panel curtains are a great option if you want to have curtains that do not completely block out light. Sheer door panels are highly recommended for people who have indoor plants. The best part is that these curtains are easy to make using affordable materials.


You’ll need measurement tape, fabric for sheer curtains, matching thread to sew, and scissors.

The Right Measurement

The first step to making a sheer door panel curtain is to get the right measurements. You will need to measure the length of the curtain starting from the curtain rod to the point where you would like the curtain to fall. Similarly, take measurements for the width of the curtain and cut accordingly.

Cutting It Right

While cutting the fabric in accordance with the measurement taken, ensure that you leave around 7” extra in order to accommodate the sewing. The cutting needs to be evenly done with a sharp pair of scissors. Avoid round edges at the corners; the corners of the curtains need to be square.

Sew Them Up

The next step to making a sheer door panel curtain is to sew the fabric the right way. The stitches need to go from top to bottom. While sewing the top part of the curtain that encloses the curtain rod, make sure that you have a fold of 4” to accommodate the rod. If this is not done right, it may result in damage to the sheer fabric while sliding the rod inside. After sewing the edges and before hanging the curtain, iron it once in order to remove all the creases and ease the folds.

Now, your sheer door panel curtain is ready for use. All you need to do is slide it into the rod and hang it.