How to Make Snake Repellent with Mothballs

What You'll Need
Vacuum cleaner
Cat litter
Moth crystals
Powdered sulfur
Clove oil
Cinnamon oil
Spray bottle

An effective snake repellant can be a godsend, especially in areas and climates where these creatures reside in large numbers. Some snakes are incredibly poisonous and being bitten by a highly venomous specimen can have disastrous consequences. Although snake repellant can be easily purchased over the counter, it can be quite expensive especially, for those that live in areas that require regular treatments. However, it is relatively simple to make an effective snake repellant using items that can be found in most homes.

Step 1– Clear the Area

Before making up your repellant, it is important to clear the area of spiders. Snakes and spiders have a tendency to feed off of each other, although this is not true of all species. However, the fact that snakes could be attracted by the prospect of some eight-legged meals should not be ignored.

Vacuum the corners, ceilings and skirting boards of your home thoroughly to remove all traces of spiders and their eggs before laying down any type of snake repellant.

Step 2– Make a Mixture and Spread

Use a bucket or washing-up bowl to mix together an equal amount of cat litter and mothballs. Once the mixture is complete, spread it down thickly across the ground in an assortment of different areas, especially those that are prone to high levels of snake activity.

Snakes feel uncomfortable when the cat litter sticks to their scales and also dislike the scent of mothballs.

Step 3– Powerful Repellants

It is also possible to make your own high-strength snake repellant. Try using a bucket or bowl to mix together an equal amount of powdered sulfur and mothball crystals. This can also be spread on the ground, although this particular repellant is best used in outside locations. Many pre-purchased snake repellants contain powdered sulfur, while moth crystals tend to have a significantly larger surface area than mothballs. The result is a highly potent mix that snakes will absolutely detest. Unfortunately, powder sulfur can give off a pungent aroma that humans dislike as well!

Make sure that the mixture is applied liberally in an assortment of crevices as well as on the floor for maximum effect.

Step 4– Direct Action

Hand-held snake repellants are incredibly popular in areas with a high snake population. Unfortunately, it tends to be quite expensive, but it is remarkably easy to make a quick hand-held repellant from a few household ingredients.

Mix together equal parts of cinnamon oil and clove oil in a glass container or similar receptacle, making sure that the contents are stirred together thoroughly. Add the mixture to a small spray bottle and keep it to hand in the home or inside a handbag for mobile use.

The mixture should be sprayed directly onto a snake to deter it from staying in the area. Try to apply the repellant from a distance to avoid the risk of being bitten.