How to Make Snowboard Bench for Your Winter Home

What You'll Need
Tape measure

If you have an old board that you don't use any more, one way of making good use of it is to create a snowboard bench. This is an attractive seating alternative for winter homes, or for cottages designed to be used during the winter season. Making a snowboard bench allows you to do some practical recycling, while still ending up with something eye-catching. You can be sure that very few people will have this kind of bench, and certainly not one which they have made by themselves. This is not a very difficult task, and you should be able to complete it using some simple household tools.

Step 1 - Prepare the Board

Begin by cleaning the board thoroughly and removing anything that you do not want on the bench. This can include the bindings for your snowboard, which can be removed by taking off the four large bolts around the plastic base of the binding. Pull these off, and then replace the bolts, which will help to prevent water from getting into the snowboard. Give the board a good clean with a cloth, and check it for chips and other damage which could effect the quality of the snowboard bench.

Step 2 - Prepare the Bench

Using your tape measure, calculate the height and width of the snowboard. You then need to take some lumber of a suitable length, and trace the snowboard onto the wood. You should then cut out the shape of the snowboard using your jigsaw. You can remove an extra half an inch from the outside in order to ensure that the wood doesn't overlap the snowboard. You should also decide how high you want the bench to be. The height of the bench will equal the length of the legs, plus the wooden platform, plus the width of the snowboard.

Step 3 - Make the Bench Frame

You should then screw the frame of the snowboard bench together by fixing the legs to the platform. Make sure that the screws do not come through to the surface of the board, and that they will not scratch or damage the board. You can then add glue around the edges of these screws in order to secure them.

Step 4 - Add the Snowboard

You can then add the snowboard over the top of the platform. Add a layer of glue around the edge of the bench top, and then press your snowboard onto the surface. Weight down with heavy objects overnight. If you don't want to damage the snowboard by gluing it to the bench, or wish to use the snowboard in the future, then another alternative to making the snowboard bench is to tie the board onto the bench frame using the bindings. You can secure these to the platform, and use the snowboard as a seating area, but remove it quickly whenever you need to.