How to Make Soap On a Rope

You can find soap on a rope in gift stores, but it’s actually easy, and inexpensive, to make your own. Making your own soap on a rope also lets you customize the scent if you like, or eliminate any scent if you have sensitive skin.

What You'll Need

The only supplies you will need are a bar or two of plain soap, water, a grater, a glass measuring cup, a pot, and a length of cord about two or three feet in length – preferably nylon or plastic cord. If you want to add scent, you will also need perfume oil. 

Choose a very plain soap, such as Ivory, or a castile soap instead of a commercial “beauty bar” or deodorant soap – beauty bars and deodorant soaps sometimes have additives that can affect your soap.

As for the cord, you can use any kind of sturdy cord, although nylon or plastic cord is best because it is water-resistant and will repel mildew in your shower.

If you are adding scent, use perfume oil instead of cologne. Most colognes or perfumes contain alcohol, which can be drying to your skin. You will only need about 15-20 drops of perfume oil.

What to Do

First, decide how long you want the loop of rope you want on your soap on a rope. Fold the cord in half, and tie a knot at the length you want your loop to be. Trim the ends if necessary. Set the cord aside.

Next, grate enough soap to make one cup of soap flakes. Place them in the measuring cup, and add a half cup of plain water. Set the jar inside a pot, and add just enough water to the pot to come up halfway up the side of the jar. Place the pot with the jar inside it on your stove and heat on medium, occasionally stirring the soap and water inside the jar, until the soap is softened into a thick paste.

Take the pot off the heat. If you are adding any perfume oil, add it now, and stir it in well.

Using your hands, scoop the soap paste out of the measuring cup and mold it around the knotted ends of the cord. Squeeze the soap into a ball shape, covering over the knot, and squeeze firmly to press all the soap into place. Continue shaping and squeezing the soap around the knot with your hands until it starts to harden.

Set the soap aside in a dry place, either resting on a sheet of wax paper – or, use the rope to hang it up. Let your soap on a rope dry for about a week before using.