How to Make Sure Concrete Floor Sealer Spreads Evenly

What You'll Need
Long-handled paint roller
Concrete floor sealer
Paint tray

If you'll soon be sealing one of your home's concrete floors, it is important that you know how to evenly spread your concrete floor sealer. With the following tips at your disposal, you'll be able to spread your concrete floor sealer in a smooth, even fashion.

Step 1 - Pour Your Sealer Into a Paint Tray

One of the best tips for ensuring that you're able to evenly spread your concrete floor sealer is to pour the sealer into a paint tray before beginning the application process. Loading your painting tool from a paint tray as opposed to loading it directly from the can will dramatically reduce the number of sealer drips, as trays feature an attachment that allows you to even out the amount of paint that has been applied to the tool.

Step 2 - Use a Paint Roller to Apply Your Sealer

When applying your concrete floor sealer, your application tool of choice should be a long-handled paint roller. In addition to being able to cover more ground than paintbrushes, a roller will lay the sealer down in a flatter fashion, thus cutting back on the number of smudges and drips. As an added bonus, the application process will take a good deal less time with a roller than it would with a brush.