How to Make Tall Motorcycle Seats

Harley Davidson motorcycle
  • 4-10 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100-400
What You'll Need
1/2-Inch thick piece of steel
Metal curler
Steel press
Steel roller
Leather sheets
Double sided tape
Rivet gun

Building and customizing a motorcycle is a great project, and you can create your own motorcycle seat to add customization and cut customization costs. Professionals charge high dollars to customize motorcycles, so you can help save some money and still customize your bike by creating your motorcycle seat yourself.

Step 1 - Cut Steel

The first step is to roughly cut your steel to the desired shape. This part is important because seat height on a motorcycle is important, as the rider needs to be able to safely and comfortably reach the ground with both feet while riding the bike.

When cutting, you want to leave extra steel around the outside of the desired frame shape to curl under the seat. The more height desired in your seat will mean that you need to leave extra steel around the outside of the frame shape to curl.

Step 2 - Curl Steel

Curl the extra metal of the seat using a metal curler to roughly round the edges of the metal.

Step 3 - Form Seat

motorcycle with high back seat

Create the shape and form of your seat. Turn your seat over and form the seat by using your mallet as a shaping tool to create the concave and curves of the seat.

Step 4 - Pad the Seat

Now that you have shaped and formed your seat, you are ready to make it more comfortable. You need to measure and cut the foam to cover your seat, leaving ½ inch of additional foam around all sides of the seat. To attach the foam to the seat, use double-sided tape to secure the foam piece to the seat. If you wish to add extra padding to your seat, you can attach another piece of foam directly over the first, securing it with the double-sided tape.

Step 5 - Cover the Seat

Now you are ready to cover your seat with the leather material. Start by cutting your leather quite a bit larger than what is required to cover the seat. After placing the cut leather on top of the seat, you can make smaller adjusting cuts until your leather is the proper size.

Step 6 - Rivet Leather

Now you can attach the leather to the seat by riveting it using a rivet gun. How this is done is up to your preference. You could rivet the leather to the seat by placing rivets on the flat area of the seat. You could also rivet the leather to the seat by placing the rivets into the curl of the seat so the rivets will show. If you do not like the appearance of rivets, you could drill small holes into the bottom of the seat and lace and tie the leather to the seat using leather ties. This will create a threaded lace look which you may desire as well.

Step 7 - Attach Seat

Now your seat is complete and you can attach it to your bike.