How to Make Tea Light Holders for Easter How to Make Tea Light Holders for Easter

What You'll Need
Transparent jars or old glasses
Glass paint
Soft paintbrush
Rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover
Pliers or cutters for the wire
Glitter, polymer clay, outlining paint, ribbons or other adornments of your choice

Tea light holders are a great way to add some character to your Easter holidays. Tea lights create a pleasant ambiance and adding some holders will make the mood more festive. You cam make the tea light holders at home using some old jars, paint and some decorative items.

Step 1 – Prepare the Jars

Get some glass jars from your home or even wine glasses or other glasses would do. Ideally, the jars or glasses you choose should be smaller. Clean the jars or glasses using some mild detergent. If the jars have labels, soak the jars in warm water for 30 minutes and the labels should come off easily. If the glue from the labels doesn’t come off, you can use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover.

Step 2 – Paint the Jars

Use glass paint and a softer paintbrush to give a color to the jars. You may use several colors, but make sure these will create an Easter atmosphere. You may choose red, yellow or even light green. Check if the color is uniform and reapply paint as needed, making sure that you get an evenly painted surface.

Step 3 – Decorate the Jars

When it comes to decorating the tea light holders, you can choose wire, paint, glitter, polymer clay, ribbons or small gems. Use your imagination when choosing the decorations for the jars.

You can start by painting the jars employing outlining paint. Make sure the initial coats of paint are completely dry before you start decorating the jars. With the outlining paint, you can apply dots, lines, spirals or any Easter patterns of your liking. You may even use some stencils to apply a design on the tea light holders. Using some glue, apply some glitter on the jars.

If you want to use polymer clay, this can be transformed in any shape you like and applied on the tea light holders. The polymer clay has to be fired, so apply it on the glass jar and insert the jars into your oven for 30 minutes. The glass jars are resistant and the glass paint will not deteriorate due to the high temperature. However, if you choose plastic tea light holders, you shouldn’t put these in the oven, as they will melt.

Step 4 – Hang the Tea Light Holders

You may place the tea light holders in your home, on your dinner table or other items of furniture, but you may also hang the tea lights. Use wire and pliers to hang the tea lights. Cut some wire and wind it twice around the neck of the jar, so that it will be more resistant. Make a loop with another piece of wire and attach this wire on 2 opposite sides of the jar.


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