How to Make the Most of Corner Built Cabinets How to Make the Most of Corner Built Cabinets

Corner built cabinets can really help homeowners to make the best of space which would otherwise be wasted. There is always some little area of the room which could be improved by installing built cabinets, and the corner is often a great area for this. By fitting corner built cabinets into rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms or living rooms, you can really extend the space that you have available, and you can also clear away a few things at the same time.

Curio Cabinets

Corner built cabinets make great places to display curios and trinkets that would otherwise simply be lost amid the utility functions of the room. One example of this is the wooden turntable display cabinet, which fits easily into a corner, and can be constructed so that it can be moved around. For example, this can be used if you're anxious to show off a particular piece at certain times of the year. Curio built cabinets provide a space for clutter, but can also help you to keep your previous ornaments away from children and dogs. The advent of the Wii has made living room decoration even more precarious than previously.

Lazy Susan

The Lazy Susan built cabinet can be ideal in areas like the kitchen or bathroom, where a number of items need to be stored in as small a space as possible. Corner cupboards above counters can be the perfect location for a Lazy Susan, as it means that you have access to everything you need. Small bottles and jars are easily lost in the depth of an ordinary built corner cupboard, but with a Lazy Susan, you can easily locate all of them. A lower corner cupboard with a Lazy Susan could be the ideal place to put kitchen utensils and cleaning devices. As an alternative, they can be used to store cups and pans that are not used regularly, but are still needed.

Double Doors

Another solution to the problem of reaching into corner built cabinets is the double door. Basic corner cabinets can be very difficult to reach into, due to the angle of door and cabinet, but with a double door, you can extend the door out to around 170 degrees, making it much easier to reach in and extract everything that's needed. You can also purchase doors that bring out part of the shelf, making it easier to take hold of objects (although you will need to be careful about placing glass items on this shelf).

Roll-out Shelves

At the opposite end of the scale from the double door is the roll-out shelf. These shelves can be pulled towards the user, rather like a drawer, bringing everything on the shelf into the open. These shelves have a shallow tray-like top, which means that everything on the shelf is secure, even during transit. The runners on the roll-out trays can easily be placed inside the built cabinets, particularly during installation. They can provide the perfect solution to making the most from your corner built cabinets, even in very tight spaces.

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