How to Make Tile Cleaning Products from Common Household Ingredients How to Make Tile Cleaning Products from Common Household Ingredients

What You'll Need
Baking soda
Lemon or Grapefruit juice

If you want to live a green lifestyle, then you will be interested in making good tile cleaning products using all kinds of household items. Tile cleaning is an essential household chore which won't go away just because you don't have the right equipment to deal with it, but so long as you have a few household cooking basics, you should be able to clean off any type of surface using a combination of household foods and essential items. Making your own cleaning products is something which everyone living an environmentally friendly life should be prepared to do, and as it is cheap and cost-effective, it also makes sound economic sense too.

Step 1 - Making Use of Baking Soda

In all cases where you need to make your own cleaning products, including tile cleaning, baking soda is a good friend to have. Not only can this miracle household good make your break rise, it can also help to damp down fires, scour metals, and will help to clean off any severe stains which are on your tiles. Baking soda is a great rubbing cleaner, so if you want to remove dirt from tiles and grout, use a little baking soda mixed with water. This can then be easily washed off. Combine with Vinegar to remove grease and soap, and it can also be very useful in preventing mildew.

Step 2 - Use Fruit Juice

You can buy or make your own lemon or grapefruit juices, and these naturally acidic fruits are great at cutting through dirt. Grapefruit juice is another very useful mildew repellent, and can be used to wipe down your tiles leaving no smell behind. You can use lemon juice to take off grease from your backsplash tiling, and you can also use it to help bleach tiles which are not as white as they could be.

Step 3 - Use Salt and Potatoes

Potatoes have natural enzymes which can help to lift dried in dirt. It also makes a very good rust remover for pots and pans, so it is always worth having a few of these around. Cut the potato in half just before you want to use it, otherwise it will dry up. You can combine potatoes with coarse rock salt, which is a great rubbing compound for your tiles.

Step 4 - Use Essential Oils and Toothpaste

Essential oils such as lavender or tea tree are very useful after cleaning, as they will help to make sure that the area is completely anti-bacterial. Tea tree is not very pleasant to the taste, so make sure that none of the spray gets into food or on cooking equipment. Toothpaste is a good after-thought when you need to scrub the grout, as it can be used to bleach this area, and restore it to whiteness. You can use it to reduce water stains too.

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