How to Make Trivets out of Old Granite Floor Tiles

What You'll Need
Stone polisher
Set of diamond polishing pads
Granite tiles
Scrap lumber (24-inch piece)
Tile wet saw
Self-adhesive felt pads
Safety goggles
Dust mask
Tape Measure
Tack Cloth

Making trivets out of old granite floor tiles  is an easy  and eco-friendly way to reuse old materials. In fact, granite floor tiles make beautiful trivets. If you have a supply of tiles from a remodeling project, consider recycling them instead of sending them to the nearest landfill. If you installed the tiles yourself, chances are that you already have to needed tools for this project. If not, you can rent tools from your local home improvement store.

Step 1:  Cut Tiles

Depending on the size trivets you want and the size of your granite tiles, you may need to cut your tiles. If you are satisfied with the tile size, skip this step. However, if your tiles are too large, you must cut them. Determine the size you want and use a tape measure and a pencil to mark the dimensions on the back of the granite tile. Make sure the pencil lines are dark enough to see. Set up the tile wet saw according to the manufacturer’s directions and put on your safety goggles. Place the granite tile on the wet saw and cut along the pencil lines. Repeat this procedure with all your tiles.

Step 2:  Polish Tiles

The granite tiles will have sharp, unpolished edges from the cutting process. Polishing the edges is necessary to smooth the edges and impart a glossy shine to the edges of the tiles. Place the tile on the edge of your worktable so that it extends 3 inches past the edge of the table. Place the 24-inch piece of scrap lumber across the top of the tile. Attach a c-clamp on each side of the tile to hold it in place. Make sure the c-clamp is attached to the scrap lumber and not to the tile. Attaching the c-clamps directly to the tile can scratch it. Set up the stone polisher according to the manufacturer’s directions and attach the diamond polishing pad. These pads come in sets and are numbered from the lowest grit to the highest grit. Begin with the lowest grit. Put on your safety goggles and your dust mask. Start polishing the edge of the tile, beginning at the left side moving the polisher quickly to the right side. Then move the polisher from the right side to the left side. Repeat this for 2 or 3 passes. Next, remove the polishing pad and replace it with the next grit number. Repeat the procedure. Continue to move up to the next grit number until the tile edge is smooth and shiny. Do this for each edge until every edge is smooth and shiny. Use a tack cloth to remove the dust from the tile. Repeat this procedure for each of your tiles.

Step 3:  Apply Felt Pads

Flip your tiles over and apply a self-adhesive felt pad to each corner of the backsides of the tiles.

Now you have a beautiful set of granite tile trivets that you can use yourself, give as gifts or sell for profit.