How to Make Tuscan Inspired Metal Wall Art How to Make Tuscan Inspired Metal Wall Art

What You'll Need
Wire cutter
Wire rolls of varying widths
Small nails
Wooden base

Trying to make your own metal wall art is a creative project which can save you money. Furthermore you will have the opportunity to be innovative and to settle precisely upon your own decorative tastes and preferences. We shall be outlining some guidelines as to how to go about making your own metal wall art following the Tuscan decorative style. This style is used to create a rustic and cosy ambiance and is appealing to many home lovers.

Step 1: Planning

First of all, it is best to decide the theme of your wall art. Since we are going to base this on Tuscan styles you could opt to create a countryside scene such as meadows and hills. These are very common in Tuscan decorations and can be created fairly easily with most materials. Additionally, such a scene can be adapted to any size and shape, be it a landscape or a portrait. Try to research through some books or websites to get an idea of such scenes and wall art. Choose the ones you like best and then plan out your own creation by replicating any favorite one and by mixing and matching the most appealing ideas into your own art. You can photocopy or print them so that you can create a collage of your own creation as a guide which will help you towards the final product. The most important thing is to create an outline as this is the most helpful part.

Step 2: Acquire the Tools and Materials

Once you have decided and planned everything out, acquire the necessary tools and materials to start off on your project. The metal wire you will use can be aluminium, copper, brass or steel. Choose the type you prefer most in terms of color tone mainly since you can find varying widths to work with.

Step 3: Start Cutting the Wire

Put on your safety goggles to protect your eyes. Then, you can start cutting the metal wire in the desired lengths according to your scene outline. Some lines will need to be wider than others to create a more realistic effect, so experiment and adjust accordingly by acquiring and using varying widths of wire.

Step 4: Finalizing Your Wall Art

There is no set rule as to how to make your own metal wall art. You can be as creative and as innovative as you wish. Just bend, loop and create the shapes you wish to achieve in your art. Most metal wires are best fixed by hammering them in hooked forms using small nails onto the back of the wooden base you are going to use as a canvas. When done, wipe away any tiny metal residuals.

Step 5: Frame and Hang Your Wall Art

Frame your creation once ready and hang it, ideally at eye's level. Enjoy your work and match other metallic items and accessories such as shelves and sconces.

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