How to Make Veneer Plywood Flooring

What You'll Need
Plywood sheets
Kraft paper
Paint tray
Paint roller
Fast setting PVA adhesive for wood
Wood clamps
Press roller
Resin emulsion veneer sizing agent
Power saw
Measuring tape
Patching compound

Veneer plywood is a cost effective alternative to many other forms of wood which may be used for flooring. If you want to create this in your own home, consider the steps below.

Step 1 - Plan Out Your Floor

Essentially what you're doing here is creating a plywood floor and then gluing veneer to it. To do this though, you need to determine the size of your veneer flooring. Do you want one sheet or do you want strips? Depending on the size of the room and the style of flooring you want, measure out the plywood for the area.

Step 2 - Begin Adhering the Veneer

Once you have determined how many sheets of plywood you'll need, you'll want to begin adhering the veneer to it. You can make the cuts later when both pieces are attached. Put a moisture retardant barrier on the plywood to ensure that the veneer adheres properly. Pour the sizing agent into the paint tray and roll a light coat of it onto the plywood. Put this everywhere, including the edges. Let this dry for 24 hours

Step 3 - Apply the Kraft Paper

Place Kraft paper on the plywood. Use a pressure roller to smooth out the air and resin. Keep the pressure slow and steady, starting from the center and moving outward.Then remove the Kraft paper.

Step 4 - Adhere the Veneer

Apply a thin layer of the fast setting PVA all over the plywood by way of a small roller. Line the veneer up with the plywood and put a sheet of Kraft paper over it. Using a roller press, put steady pressure on the unit, starting from the center once again and moving outward.

Step 5 - Weight It for Drying

Place a piece of dry plywood on top of the Kraft paper so there is an even weight all around. Put clamps about every four inches all around the system. Start from the center when clamp and move outward so that the air can escape along the sides. Allow this to dry for 48 hours and then remove the Kraft paper, plywood weight and clamps.

Step 6 - Cut the Veneer Plywood

Once you have your wood sheets, use a power saw to cut the measurements you made earlier. If you aren't sure of a particular measurement, cut it a little bigger than you would normally. You can't fix something that was cut too much, but you can always trim down a piece that wasn't cut enough.

Step 6 - Set the Flooring Down

Attach your cut pieces of wood to the subfloor with nails, wood adhesive, screws, or any other means that suits the typical installation procedure for your type of subfloor. Use wood putty or colored caulk to fill in any noticeable gaps.