How to Make Wall Mounted Headboards

What You'll Need

There are a number of reasons why you should improve your bedroom using wall mounted headboards. A headboard is a great way of making the best use of that space. Headboards usually only serve to stop your pillows from falling off of the end, but with a wall mounted headboard, you can have a really interesting focus point for any room. While making your own wall mounted headboard can seem a little daunting at first, it is easy to do with the right knowledge. The building process is quick and easy.

Step 1 – Cut the Wood

The first step is to cut the wood so that you can make the headboard. Measure the length of your bed across the front side, where the pillows are laid. This may be different from the foot end, so measure it carefully. Then take the wood and lay it upon a flat surface, such as a table or workbench. Cut it to the right length, which will be slightly larger than the bed itself, and then cut it to a suitable height. The height of the headboard will depend on your personal style. You will also need to add a lip to the bottom front because it is where the bed will go. Once you have sawed through it, use some sandpaper to smooth the  wood.

Step 2 – Fit Brackets

Next you will have to fit your newly cut headboard to the wall at the end of the bed. You will have to put in place a series of brackets to support the board. The brackets should be one in the wall at each side of the bed, and at least one in the middle. Screw each bracket into place. And then push up the ends, so that the board will not slip out of the bottom.

Step 3 – Screw in the Headboard

Once that is completed, you will have to take your headboard over to the wall, and screw it to the brackets, so that it is held up against the wall. You may need a friend to help you lift, if it is a bit heavy, but once you put in the first few screws you should be able to tighten it down without assistance. Screw in all of the screws through the board. Once all the screws are in, you can go around the entire board and tighten them up.

Step 4 – Finishing

Once the board has been nailed to the wall, you can add the bed. Move the end where the pillows go up to the lip, and then lift it slightly so that it rests upon this lip, and is supported by the board. This will keep your bed and board together.