How to Make Wedding Shower Invitations

Wedding showers are are a fun, traditional way to celebrate the incoming wedding. It is very important to make beautiful wedding shower invitations, so as to impress with style and originality. Here are the main rules you should follow in order to prepare the perfect wedding shower invitations.

Who Is to Organize the Wedding Shower?

It will be better if someone organizes the wedding shower for the bride as she will be surprised and pleased. The person who is going to organize the party may be responsible for the preparation of the wedding shower invitations.

When to Send the Wedding Shower Invitations?

It is popular to send them 3 to 4 weeks before the forthcoming wedding because the last 2 weeks of the wedding planning are quite busy with details to clarify for the bride, the groom and their family. So to be unstressful and fun, the wedding shower should take place earlier. The most important is to send the wedding shower invitations when the wedding invitations have been already sent and even received. It will not make a good impression to your guests if they receive the wedding shower invitations first.

 Appropriate Time for the Wedding Shower

The wedding shower is supposed to be fun and the party may take place in any part of the day if all guests are comfortable with it. Specify in the wedding shower invitation, if the party will take place in the evening or midday. The most important rule to follow is to inform the guests if they need to follow a special dress code.

 The Actual Content of the Invitation

First, you need to specify the location, date and time for the wedding shower. It is popular to have it at the bride’s home or outside in a suitable location. If the bride is overloaded with tasks before the wedding, it is best to have the party outside. You should specify who the person responsible for the preparation is as well as the contact person for attendance confirmation. If you prefer that guests contact you for confirmation, you should state "Please Respond" or RSVP and a phone number or email. If you want to be called only in case guests cannot make it, use "Regrets Only" instead.

 The Theme of the Wedding Shower

It is quite original and witty to come up with a theme for the wedding shower. You may organize the party as some kind of a masquerade or the theme may focus on the favorite music or novel of the bride or the groom, or both if possible. The wedding shower invitation may be prepared in the same theme, i.e. if the theme is pirates, the invitations may come in a tiny bottle, or they may be written with an appropriate letter style and ink, folded with pirates’ band.