How to Make Weep Hole Covers in Your House Brick Siding

What You'll Need
UV stabilized polymer screen
Measuring tape
Putty knife
Working gloves

A weep hole is designed to ventilate the walls and drain out water trapped between your house brink siding. A typical weep hole can be simple gaps in between the bricks or small holes placed in strategic places. Uncovered weep holes usually facilitate easy flow of the water, especially during storms, but they can also attract small animals and insects into the house. To prevent rodents and insects from invading your home, you should cover your weep holes properly.

Step 1 – Measure the Diameter of the Holes

Locate the weep holes on your walls and measure their size. After measuring the size of the weep holes, cut squares of UV stabilized polymer screen and use these squares to cover the holes.

Step 2 – Put the Screen in Place

Clean the sides of the weep holes carefully and make sure that they are completely dry before you put some adhesive on them. Use a putty knife when applying the adhesive and avoid letting the adhesive some in contact with your skin. After applying adhesive, put the screen on top of the weep hole, then press the sides of the screen firmly against the adhesive on the wall.