How to Make Wet Bar Designs How to Make Wet Bar Designs

What You'll Need
Bar sink and hardware
Plumbing fixtures
Keg refrigerator
CO setup
Tap handles
Light fixtures
Bar stools
Stereo system

Depending on your personal tastes, wet bar designs can vary widely. Some considerations that will go into the design include available space, budget, use, accommodation and the features you want to include. Begin the design process by determining how much you can spend on the project. After your budget is set, start imagining how you want your wet bar to look in an aesthetic sense. In addition to the fundamental elements necessary to make it a wet bar, you can incorporate many extras into the design. 

Step 1: Design Your Wet Bar

A sink is what makes a wet bar wet. Beyond that, the sky is the limit for your home design. Depending on the space you have available, you can make an L-shaped bar, a rounded bar or simply a straight counter. Decide what features you want to include in your bar. Do you want beer on tap or just chilled bottles? Do you want entertainment at the bar as well? Plan it out first so you can prepare for the eventual installation. 

Step 2: Build the Bar

The first installation is the bar itself. When it is being constructed, make sure there is room for everything that will be included such as the sink and any space for a small refrigerator or keg setup. A savvy shopper may be able to find a used bar already built. It may possess antique charm and have room for the necessary fixtures. 

Step 3: Plumbing

The plumbing is what makes it a wet bar. Before you bother with the amenities, get the plumbing fixtures installed including the sink, water line and drain. If you are hooking up a small dishwasher, make sure you include water lines for that as well. 

Step 4: Cabinets and Shelving

Behind the bar you may choose to install cabinets or shelves. Shelves are typically more convenient for storing liquor or other bar staples, but cabinets offer a higher level of sophistication. If the cabinets are custom made for the bar, consider adding light fixtures to them to illuminate the contents. 

Step 5: Tap Setup

If you’re going with tap beer, install the keg refrigerator along with the CO2 setup and run the lines to the tap handle(s). Ideally, if the handles are on the bar, the keg is installed inside of it so there are no tubes to trip on. 

Step 6: Entertainment

If you have decided to install a stereo system or television on your bar, it is the last thing to set up. Mount the television on a open wall space or other place with good visibility for your guests. Position the stereo components in the cabinets or somewhere convenient but out of the way. You can even run the wiring through the back of the bar so it stays out of sight. 

After the bar is complete, you are free to decorate it however you please. You can add a mirror behind it, neon lights or any other paraphernalia that carry your personal stamp.

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