How to Make Wicker Furniture Cushions

What You'll Need
Knitting needle
Pattern paper
Preferred fabric for the cushion

Purchasing wicker furniture cushions limits one’s choice of pattern, color and overall appearance of this lovely addition to your patio furniture. Besides, if your budget is limited, making the cushions on your own may be a better option.

Step 1: Take Measurements

Take measurements of the patio chair’s surface area. You need its length, width and depth in order to estimate the amount of fabric you are going to need. Another way to go about it is to purchase some pattern paper from the sewing shop and design your own pattern.

Step 2: Purchase Polyester or Foam Filling

Purchase filling for the cushion-to be. You may choose between foam or another filling such as poly fill. Polyester fillings are suitable for outdoor use and provide softness against the material of the furniture. Furthermore, polyester air dries quickly and easily. The foam filling is another option, but keep in mind that it absorbs water and may lose shape. If you opt for such filling after all, you may cut the foam yourself or give measurements to a foam store.

Step 3: Select Fabric

Based on your estimations of the material you need (the pattern you have chosen), you can proceed with purchasing the fabric. You can select patterns that come in stripes or various splashes of bright colors. It is important to choose fabric which is durable and suitable for outdoor furniture. If you have aluminum furniture, you may want to have acrylic cushions. With wrought iron furniture, you should use more durable and fast drying fabric.

Step 4: Cut the Fabric and Sew the Cushion

When you cut the fabric, you have to bear in mind that some extra material will be necessary to account for the thickness of the pad. You also need to purchase a zipper that's of sufficient length to go across the longer side of the cushion. Cut the fabric, using a pattern paper, in order to create the pattern. Proceed with sewing the pieces together and add the zipper to one of the cushion’s long sides. You have to leave half an inch allowance on both sides for the seams. While placing the cushion together, it should be turned inside out. When you finish sewing, open the zipper and turn the piece right side out. Place the polyester or foam filling into the cushion.

Further Considerations

If you want to have original wicker furniture cushions, you can make them reversible. Whatever you choose in terms of design, your cushions have to be equipped with tie-downs. In this way, you will keep their appearance neat and nice, regardless of the weather conditions. You have to clean your cushions regularly, using water and a mild detergent of your choice.