How to Make Window Awnings for Corner Windows How to Make Window Awnings for Corner Windows

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Nail gun
Waterproof cloth

If you want to improve the look of your home's exterior, you might consider adding window awnings to the front or side of your house. While the front-facing windows are easier to put an awning around, if you want to decorate a corner window in such a way you will need to make some adjustments to the installation method. Fitting window awnings to the front and side of your house will improve it immensely, and you should be able to install these fittings on all of your windows in under a day. While completing this job, you will need to have some everyday home improvement tools, and some basic skills.

Step 1 - Measure Your Window

In order to cut the wood to the right size, you need to know the dimensions of the window. With window awnings on a corner window, you will need to make a wooden frame that matches the appearance of the window from the outside. If the window is curved at the top or carved in some way, you will need to include curved wood in your materials list. Measure the wood, and then cut it to the right dimensions for your window.

Step 2 - Add the Wood Frame

Take the wood that is intended for the space above the window and attach it to the wall. You can do this using a nail gun, complete with masonry nails. You need to have wood coming down parallel with the sides of the window as well, in order to create a box shape. Nail these all to the window. Since you are installing this into a corner box, you may need to adjust the top fitting so that you can have two boxes, side by side: one facing to the front, and the other to the side.

Step 3 - Add the Fabric

Take another piece of wood, the same size as the length of your window, and nail the fabric to it using your nail gun. Make sure that the fabric is secure on the wood, and that there are no bunched or unattractive areas. Nail the piece of wood to one side of your corner window. You can then cut the wood in half and fold it around the side of the house, and then nail the cut piece to the front of your window. This will create an awning that goes all the way around the window.

Step 4 - Add the Awning Supports

Take some smaller pieces of wood and nail them to each of the sides of your window awning boxes. Attach the fabric to the pieces of wood, so that they are stuck out in a diagonal line. You should then place a piece of wood along this line, nailing it to the horizontal wood, and the top part of the awning frame. This should give you a suitable awning.

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