How to Make Wood Deck Post Caps

What You'll Need
Wood glue
Table saw
2 by 8 inch lumber
120 grit sandpaper
Clean rags
Foam brush
Stain (or paint)
Tall board
Scrap wood
Ruler or tape measure

Deck post caps are a great addition to any deck. They create a finished and decorative look. Many deck builders will charge extra for these accents to be custom made or you will have to purchase prefabricated ones. Though this is an option they are all eerily similar and may not match your deck. This is a relatively simple project for someone with basic woodworking knowledge. The supplies are basic and the tools are easily obtainable and the article that follows will show you how to create deck post caps.

Step 1 – Trim the Lumber

The large piece of lumber is too large to work with to make proper deck post caps. Use the ruler and pencil to mark off 8-inch long sections. Use the table saw to cut the lumber along the lines. Depending on how many caps you need you may need more than one piece of lumber. Each 8 inch section is for one deck post cap.

Step 2 – Create the Deck Post Caps

This is probably the most difficult part of the project because you will be using the table saw to create styled edges. Deck post caps should be beautiful and not plain. Begin by setting up the table saw. Adjust the blade to a 15 degree angle. If you want the peak of the deck post cap to be greater you can adjust the angle of the blade to do so. This also applies if you want the peak to be less defined. It is always a good idea to experiment with some scrap pieces of lumber to determine the peak that you like the most. Place the tall board on the fence and clamp it down. Place the unfinished deck post cap on the table saw with the 2 inch long side against it. Clamp a scrap piece of wood to the cap. Turn the table saw on and then feed the cap into the blade of the saw in order to create a beveled edge. Repeat this same procedure for each of the deck post caps and for each of the four sides.

Step 3 – Finish the Deck Post Caps

Once you have finished the caps you can begin sanding them down. Remove any of the rough pieces of wood on the cut sides. Remove any imperfections that you may dislike. Wipe down the caps with a rag to remove any dust created by sanding. Either paint or stain the caps using the foam brush (paint) or rag (stain).

Step 4 – Installation

Once the deck post caps have dried you can install them. Apply wood glue (or stronger adhesive) to the bottom of the caps and to the top of the posts. Center the cap and press down. Apply pressure for several seconds before moving on to the next cap. Continue until all of the deck post caps have a home.