How to Make Wood Mulch How to Make Wood Mulch

What You'll Need
Healthy wood
Wood chipper
Chain saw
Storage barrel
Safety gloves

Adding wood mulch to your garden can be beneficial, which makes it even more useful to know how to make the substance yourself. With the use of specialized equipment, you will find that the mulch is not difficult to make and will enable you to put fallen branches to good use.   

Step 1 – Determine Quantity

The first step necessary is to decide how much wood mulch you need for your purposes. Do this by considering how much of the garden you need to cover with mulch, bearing in mind that the layer needs to be a few inches thick. Make only as much as you need so that you can avoid the need to store any mulch as it can quickly decompose, depending on the conditions.  

Step 2 – Gather Materials

There are a range of other organic materials that can be utilized with wood mulch, such as leaves and grass. When you will be using these as part of the mixture, you will need to gather a sufficient quantity of these to help create the mulch. If it is necessary to rake up these materials, you must spend some time sifting though it to ensure it has not been contaminated with any manmade materials, such as pieces of plastic.

If you have access to fallen branches or those that have been cut from a tree, check that they are healthy and are free from any disease. In other cases, you can cut the branches yourself using a chain saw, which can also be used to cut the branches into smaller pieces. A wood chipper will be required for the process and this can be hired from an equipment hire firm and should be obtained along with safety equipment. Safety gloves will be necessary along with protective goggles.

Step 3 – Chip Wood

The wood chipper will often comprise a storage section to gather all the wood once it has been through the chipping process. If not, a barrel should be positioned at the end of the chute. Check the instructions to determine the size of the wood that the chipper can handle. Do not force the machine to do more than it is capable of and keep your hands clear of the blades. Gather up as much wood chips are necessary to obtain the necessary quantity of wood mulch. When you have finished, ensure that the chipper is left in a safe state.  

Step 4 – Combine

You will then be in a position to combine the wood chips with the other organic materials to create the desired wood mulch. Combine the materials thoroughly before making use of it. Sow all the plants that you intend to before spreading the mulch among them in a thick layer. More can be added over time when it starts to decompose. In the event that he mulch does have to be stored, be aware that doing so on grass will be likely to kill the grass.

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