How to Make Wooden Entry Way Tables

What You'll Need
Wood (for Table Frame, Top and Legs)
Hammer or Nail Gun
Drill Bit
Screws or Bolts
Nuts and Washers
Circular Saw

You can make hall entry way tables for your home that are made from wood. Wooden hall entry way tables gives you a place to put things on, such as your keys and other items brought in or out of the home. It can help you organize letters and mail, and provide you a place for storing items as well.

You will need the following tools and materials and follow these steps that are provided in this article in order to make your wooden entry way tables.

Step 1: Purchase Materials for Wooden Hall Entry Way Tables

You will need to go to either a home improvement center or lumber yard to purchase the materials needed to build the wooden hall entry table. The wood needed for your wooden hall entry table should match the dimensions and height that you plan for the table. Typically,  a wooden hall entry way table comes about waist high in order for you to reach it easily or place items on it.

Step 2: Assemble the Wooden Frame

With the material purchased from the home improvement center or lumber store, you need to begin the assembly of the wooden hall entry way tables. Start by putting together the base and legs for the table. You can form the base of the wooden hall entry way tables by joining 2 long sides and 2 short sides of the frame to form a box. Nail the ends together using a nail gun or hammer in order to fasten them.

Step 3: Attach Legs to the Wooden Frame

The next step in building your wooden hall entry way tables is to attach the legs to the table. Place the box structures on the ground and place the table legs inside. Nail the legs to the box frame in order to fasten them. You may also choose to use a drill and make holes in the side of the box frame, attaching the legs with screws or bolts. This may be the best way to increase the stability of your wooden hall entry way tables.

Turn the table on its legs once they have been attached in order to make sure that the tables are level and stable.

Step 4: Place the Wooden Table Top on the Frame

Cut a top for the table using a circular saw. The table top for the wooden hall entry way table should overlap the frame. Place the table top on a flat surface and place the frame and legs on top. Center the frame assembly and use the nail gun to attach the frame to the table top. Repeat this process for the other wooden hall entry way tables.