How to Make Wooden Porch Columns

What You'll Need
Wood glue
Tape measure
1/16-inch drill bit
Circular saw
Carpenters squares
Galvanized wood screws
Power screwdriver
4d finishing nails
10d finishing nails
100-grit sandpaper
3 2x6 3/4-inch by 6 3/4 -inch lumber
4 1x8-inch lumber
2 1x10 by 10-inch lumber
2 2x11 1/2 by 11 1/2 -inch lumber

Wooden porch columns are not only decorative but also functional as they distribute the weight and hold a patio roof in place. Wooden porch columns represent a more classic look as the standard is to use stone and even metal. You can replace stone and aluminum with wooden porch columns and you can make them yourself. The article that follows will show you how.

Step 1 – Make the Sides

In order to create wooden porch columns you need to know how tall it should be. Measure the distance from the top of the porch to the bottom of the roof or roof extension. If you need 4 wooden porch columns then you will need to measure the distance at each location. The height can chance due to settling of the home. Transfer the measurements to the 1x8 boards minus 4 ½ inches. Cut the boards. Drill pilot holes 6 inches apart through the cut 1x8 boards along the edges.

Step 2 – Internal Supports

In order to keep the wooden porch columns steady, as well as to help reduce stress, you need to add interior supports to each column. Place one of the cut 1x8 boards on your work surface and then place one of the 2x6 pieces at each end and another one in the center. Place each piece so they are standing on an edge and then affix them with wood glue.

Step 3 – Affix the Sides

Apply wood glue to the three remaining edges of each of the interior supports. Place the remaining 1x8 pieces of lumber to form the column. To fully secure the sides of the wooden porch column they need to be screwed in place. Place the screws in the pilot holes you drilled previously and then secure them in place.

Step 4 – Caps

The caps help to distribute weight away from the wooden porch columns and each end of the column requires one. Measure in 7/8-inches from each edge of the 1x10 boards and then connect the lines to form an inner square. Do this one each side of the board. Apply wood glue around one of the inner squares and then press it in place on each end of the wooden porch columns. Line the inner square up with the sides of the column. Use the other inner square as a guide for your 4d finishing nails. Repeat this process with the 2x11 pieces but making your lines at 3/4-inches from the edge and use 10d finishing nails.

Step 5 – Installation and Finishing

Create as many wooden porch columns as needed. Put the columns where you need them and then rise them up. Push each column in place and remove any wood you may be using to support the roof. You can now sand down the wood and stain or paint it.