How to Make Wooden Window Valances

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What You'll Need
Tape measure
1x4-inch wooden board
Circular saw
Carpenter's pencil
Wood glue
Drill bits
1-inch wood screws
1 sheet 1/4-inch plywood
Finishing nails
2 Paint brushes
Wood sealer
Decorative paint
Wood paint
"L" brackets
1/2-inch screws

Wooden window valences can add to the charm and character of the interior design. You can choose from a traditional box-like valance, or you may craft your own design to coordinate with the decor of your room. A shaped design can be adorable in a child's room, while a simple box design is perfect for a master bedroom, dining room, or living room. You need only the most basic wood working skills to build and install your valance.

Step 1 - Measure Your Curtain Rod

Measure from end to end and add four inches to this measurement to determine your valence length.

Step 2 - Cut Your Wood

Use your circular saw to cut the wood to form the top of the wooden window valence frame.

Step 3 - Cut The Sides Of Your Frame

Cut two pieces of the 1x4-inch wood board with the circular saw. For this step, simply choose the depth of the frame that you like best.

Step 4 - Assemble Your Window Valence Frame

Place the top board piece on its side. Place each of the side boards on their sides, forming a 90-degree angle with the top board. Drill two pilot holes through the top of the frame at each end, as well as into the ends of each side piece. Glue together the three connecting ends of the board. Insert your wood screws into the pilot holes on both side pieces to prevent your wood from splitting.

Step 5 - Trace Your Valence Frame onto Plywood

Now you'll trace the dimensions of your wooden window valence frame onto a piece of 1/4-inch plywood. Lay your valence frame on top your plywood. Trace out the frame onto the wood board. If you are going with a shaped design, sketch the design shape over the tracing of the valence frame, making sure that the shape is larger than the frame itself. Consider simple shapes, such as baseball bats, pennants, crayons or clouds.

Step 6 - Cut Out the Wooden Window Valence Top

Cut out the valence top, so that the plywood is the same size as the frame top with the attached side pieces.

Step 7 - Mount Your Frame onto the Cut Plywood

Apply wood glue to the frame and place the plywood cut-out on top. Add finishing nails to keep everything together.

Step 8 - Cover The Valence Surfaces With Wood Sealer

Paint wood sealer onto all surfaces and let the wood sealer dry.

Step 9 - Paint Your Wooden Valence

Paint your wooden window valence. You may choose a color that matches your walls, coordinates with your wall paper and draperies, or that contrasts with the wall but matches the background color of your draperies. For a child's room, especially if you are using a shaped valence design, you can get creative. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Step 10 - Mount Your Wooden Valence to the Wall

Drill holes in the wall and into the back of the valence frame. Mount the valence to the wall using "L" brackets and 1/2-inch screws.