How to Make Your Bar Stool Adjustable

  • 2-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-100
What You'll Need
Adjustable bar stool stand
Bar stool

You can make a bar stool adjustable by buying and installing an adjustable stand for your bar stool. An adjustable bar stool stand can be purchased at a retailer that sells adjustable bar stools. Having an adjustable stand is necessary if you want to make your bar stool adjustable. This article will discuss the process for acquiring an adjustable bar stool stand and installing it. It should go without saying that the process for making a bar stool adjustable applies to those bar stools that are metal and have a removable seat. A wooden stool cannot be used to make an adjustable bar stool.

The process for making your bar stool adjustable is not very hard or complicated to accomplish. Aside from a few tools and an adjustable bar stool stand, you will spend a minimal amount of time with this project.

Step 1 - Purchase an Adjustable Bar Stool Stand

Go to a retailer that sells adjustable bar stools and bar stool accessories. Here you will find a stand that can be placed on your current bar stool. You need to locate a stand that can be used with your existing stool in order to turn it into an adjustable bar stool. The type of stand that you should be looking for to make your bar stool adjustable is a hydraulic bar stool stand. This type of stand is easier to use and make adjustable. It works with a lever that allows the seat to move up and down to a comfortable position for the person sitting in the bar stool.

Step 2 - Remove the Seat from the Existing Bar Stool

Take a screwdriver to remove the seat from the existing bar stool. You can dispose or recycle the existing bar stool stand or save it and repurpose it for another use. Check the condition of the seat to make sure that it can be fitted on the new adjustable bar stool stand. If necessary you may need to drill additional holes in the bar stool seat in order to place it on top of the bar stool stand that you purchased.

Step 3 - Place the Bar Stool Seat on the Adjustable Bar Stool Stand

With the bar stool seat prepared for the adjustable base stool stand, attach it to the stand with screws. Check the seat for a secure fit and make sure that it does not wobble. Turn the bar stool back on its feet and set in place in order to test it for comfort and ensure that it can be adjusted.

Step 4 - Test the Adjustable Bar Stool Seat

Sit on the adjustable bar stool seat and check to see that it can be adjusted with ease. You should be able to move the seat up and down without the seat jamming. You want to also check to make sure that the lever that allows the bar stool seat to move up and down is easy to reach.