How To Make Your Dorm Room Eco-Friendly How To Make Your Dorm Room Eco-Friendly

What You'll Need
Energy saving bulbs
Energy saving appliances (if required)
Recycle Bin
Black board and chalk
Re-used posters

As attention shifts to ‘green’ and eco-friendly solutions to everyday problems, do your part by giving your dorm room an environmentally-friendly makeover. Whether you share a room with roommates or not, you can create a space that is conducive to study and rest while also being environmentally-conscious. Learn how to do your part by reading the steps below.

Step 1: Conserve Energy

Eco-friendly solutions begin with energy conservation. The easiest way to do this is to switch off lights when leaving a room, as well as all computer accessories, your computer and television. If possible, invest in energy-saving bulbs to replace those already in your room.

If your dorm room has an AC unit, replace it with an Energy Star unit, which uses less energy to operate. If you feel you can do without an air-conditioner, invest  in a pedestal fan or keep the windows open.

The same points apply for a refrigerator. If you need one, or already have one, invest in an Energy Star or some other low-energy, certified unit which will save as much as 50 percent of energy consumption.

Step 2: Refrain from Buying New Furniture

New furniture means using more resources. If you feel you really need some extra furniture, consider the alternatives to buying new. Perhaps you could borrow a piece from home, or look into online auctions or yard sales. You can even apply fresh paint to old furniture, making it look as good at new.

Step 3: Recycle Bin

Instead of tossing paper and books into the trash, invest in a recycle bin. Your college campus may even have its own recycling center, so make sure you take advantage of it.

Step 4: Revamp the Look of your Room

If you feel your dorm room needs a makeover, hold off on a shopping spree. All you need is a keen eye for style and a creative flair. If you feel your walls are too bare, you can easily hang pictures off magazines or make a photo frame to hang up. If you need new drapes, you can convert old ones, purchase used ones at a garage sale, or even sew your own. You can even hang up cheap black boards and doodle or leave colorful messages with chalk. The options are unlimited.

Step 5: Sharing

College life is a time to make long-term bonds. Sharing will be the common element among you and your peers. Instead of purchasing 2  or 3 of the same item, share one among many friends, if possible. Keep the essentials, like bathroom items separate, but everything else can possibly be shared.

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