How to Make Your Own Artificial Turf Putting Green Kit

What You'll Need
Large piece of AstroTurf, cut to size
Compact sand or soil
Golf ball cup

Instead of buying a home golf putting kit, you can make your own artificial turf putting green. If you have enough space in your garden or yard, you can create an artificial turf putting green.

Step 1 – Select the Site

If working on grass, make sure the ground is suitably flat so the ball has less chance of wavering en route to the cup. If you are working on paving, you will need to find the flattest area and avoid any stones which may be risen or uneven.

Step 2 – Lay the Sand or Soil

You can use either sand or soil for your artificial turf putting green. You are going to make a slight incline up toward the hole so you can recreate a more accurate representation of a putting green. Place the sand or soil on the ground and tidy the edges so it doesn’t spread too far from the putting area. You can make a wooden holding frame from the lumber if you need to keep it in one area. Shave it down with a shovel until you have a small gradient incline coming toward the top end of the putting area.

Step 3 – Place the Cup

Cut the right-sized hole in the AstroTurf and place the cup inside the sand. Settle it level with the top.

Step 4 – Lay the Turf

Having pre-cut the length of AstroTurf to the selected length, lay it out on top of the soil or sand and flatten it to the starting area. Make sure you lay the AstroTurf in line with the hole and cup.