How to Make Your Own Brass Tarnish Remover

What You'll Need
White vinegar
Plastic container
Degreasing soap

Oxidation and certain minerals can cause brass tarnish to form and make your brass look old, dated, and just plain ugly. You can buy any number of brass tarnish removers from the store, but these chemicals often do more harm than good. Luckily, you can create your own brass tarnish remover with normal household products. The following article will show you how easy it is to make and use a homemade brass tarnish remover.

Step 1 - Clean Storage

When you store homemade brass tarnish remover, you need to make sure the container is clean and free of residue. Soak the container in hot water with a degreasing soap. Rinse the container out and wipe it dry with a rag.

Step 2 - Active Ingredients

Brass tarnish can be removed by the interaction of acid with ions. Their chemical reactions literally eat away the tarnish. The active ingredients in homemade brass tarnish remover are salt (ion) and vinegar (acid). The active ingredients are combined first in equal amounts. One cup of salt to one cup of vinegar and so on.

Step 3 - Paste

Mix enough of the flour into the vinegar and salt to form a slightly runny paste.