How to Make Your Own Chiminea Cover How to Make Your Own Chiminea Cover

What You'll Need
Vinyl Material (enough to completely cover the chiminea)
Sewing Machine and Thread
Measuring Tape
Length of thin rope or nylon cord
Magic Marker

If you have a chiminea that you use for cooking outdoors or even as an outdoor fireplace, you should consider adding a chiminea cover. Because a chiminea is made out of thin clay, it can easily be damaged or destroyed by heavy rains or inclement weather. The clay used to construct the chiminea oven often becomes soft and may even collapse. The following is a handy guide on how to make your own chiminea cover.

Step 1 – Measuring and Purchasing Material

First, use your measuring tape to measure the height and width of your chiminea clay oven. Then, head to your favorite cloth and material retailer and purchase vinyl material for the chiminea cover. You'll need to make sure that you purchase enough material in order to completely cover the chiminea. In order to determine how much material you will need, simply add about 12 to 16 inches to the height of your Chiminea oven and add about 6 inches to the width. For example, if you have a chiminea that is 5 feet tall and 30 inches wide, you will need to purchase about 24 to 26 linear feet of vinyl material that is 36 inches wide.

Step 2 – Cutting and Drawing the Cut Pattern

Take your scissors and cut the material into four equal lengths. Then take your magic marker and draw the shape of the chiminea. However, instead of drawing two lines at the top which represent the chimney of the oven, draw the pattern to form a point in the middle of the material. The resulting shape should resemble a coke bottle with a pointed tip. Then take your scissors and cut out the shape you have drawn on the material.

Step 3 - Sewing the Cover

Use your sewing machine to sew seams on the inside part of the material. Create a seam where about half an inch of the material is used overlap inside the cover. Sew the seams all the way from the bottom to the top. When installing the final piece of material, you'll find it much easier to turn they whole cover inside out. When you're sewing the final piece of material, leave a space of about 6 to 8 inches at the bottom. This will be the opening for your drawstring loop.

Step 4 – Sewing the Drawstring Loop

While making sure the gemini cover is still turned inside out, fold over about 1 inch of the material at the bottom of the cover. Then sew a seam all away around to create a loop for your drawstring. Then, turn the cover right side out.

Step 5 – Insert the Drawstring

Carefully thread the rope or nylon cord through the drawstring loop. Leave about 10 inches of rope or cord hanging out of both sides of the loop. Then, tie a series of knots next to the edge of the loop to prevent the drawstring from entering the loop itself.

Step 6 – Cover the Chiminea

After you have finished putting in the drawstring rope or cord, take the chiminea cover and place it over the top your chiminea clay oven. You need to put the cover on slowly and make sure that it conforms to the shape of your oven. Tighten the drawstring and tie a bow knot.

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