How to Make Your Own Custom Cat Tree

What You'll Need
Cardboard tubes
Wood glue
Catnip oil
Miscellaneous cat toys
Measuring tape
Utility knife
Strong epoxy adhesive

If you have a cat living with you, then you know how much a cat tree can cost, but a custom cat tree is fully within your grasp. If you were to purchase a cat tree at the pet store, you would be paying as much as $50.00 for a simple one-post plus a base tree. If you wanted someone to build a custom cat tree for you, the cost could be more depending on the size of the finished tree. Building your own custom cat tree is not at all difficult or expensive, and this article will show you how.

Step 1 - Designing the Custom Cat Tree

When you first begin to design the cat tree, you need to start with a strong base, as it has to be able to support the rest of the structure. From this base will be the first post, which typically leads a landing. It is at this landing that the custom cat tree begins to take shape. You can create a covered area, protruding arms, and then a rise to another post and to another landing where you can add more things. The last thing to think of is all of the accessories. This can include batting toys and rigid scratching areas other than the carpeting.

Step 2 - The Wood

Use your design to measure out the wood that you need. Use a pencil and your measuring tape. If your design calls for rooms, then use the cardboard tubes. You will need to use thick cardboard. You can use them as they are or saw them in half. Once the wood has been measured and marked, you can begin to cut out the pieces. As each piece is cut, use the pencil to mark which piece is for which in your custom cat tree.

Step 3 - Carpeting

Cover the wood in carpet. Wrap it around each piece and trim as needed. Sprinkle catnip oil on the wood. Glue the carpet in place once the glue becomes tacky.

Step 4 - Assembling

The base should be at least 2-inches thick and 24-inches by 24-inches to start for an evenly balanced cat tree that is 5-feet tall. You may need to nail several pieces of wood together to achieve this thickness. The post should be 2-feet tall and thick. As the base, you may also combine several pieces of wood. Nail the post to the center of the base using 1 nail at each corner and in the center.

Nail the landing to the center of the post as you did with the base. Place a protruding arm over the center and nail in place. This keeps the cat tree balanced. Add the cut cardboard tube by toe-nailing it in place along the edge of the base. Attach the chosen cat toys to the tree.

This is a basic cat tree, but your design can be more advanced than this. You can have multiple bases, posts and landings as well as hiding areas.