How to Make Your Own Decorative Candle Holders How to Make Your Own Decorative Candle Holders

What You'll Need
8 ounce tin can
Tack nail
Tin punch
Short candles

Taking on a craft project like decorative candle holders can be a lot of fun but can also become a side business. Purchase decorative candle holders from a department or specialized design store can cost you a lot of money. For a couple dollars and a little time on your hands you can just make your own. The article that follows will show you how to make decorative candle holders out of a normal tin can and a simple design. You can expand on this project by varying designs, using taller candles or using a different receptacle.

Step 1 - Can Preparation

You are going to be making decorative candle holders out of a normal tin can. Make sure that the can is completely clean and dry. Remove the label that is around the can. You may need to soak the can in warm water or use a glue solvent in order to completely remove the label. Try to choose a tin can that is smooth and has had the top removed to avoid sharp edges. Fill the tin can with ordinary tap water and place it inside the freezer. The strength of the tin can will prevent the ice from cracking or bending it as it freezes.

Step 2 - Create the Design

Get out your piece of paper and pen. Create your design on the paper starting 8 inches from the bottom of the sheet. The design you choose is completely up to you. Consider it to be much like a connect the dots puzzle. Use your pen to make circle designs, vines, hearts or anything else you would like, but make them as dots. You can print up designs from the Internet or purchase design idea books and magazines. Take the can out of the water and tape the design to it. Make sure the space at the bottom of the paper is at the bottom of the can. Make the design so that it will completely wrap around the can. Turn the can on its side and start hammering the tack nails into the side of the can through the design you taped to it. The ice will prevent you from nailing it in too far which would result in the can denting. Once the nail is hammered into the can use the hammer to remove the nail and continue in this manner until the entire design is created.

Step 3 - Finishing the Decorative Candle Holder

Place the tin can in the sink and allow the ice to melt. To hasten the process you can submerge it in hot water. Once the ice is melted wipe the can down until it's completely dry. Fill the tin can with the sand until it is just slightly below where the design starts. The sand helps keep the candle in place as well as collects the wax when it melts. Place the candle inside the tin can and light it. The flame will flicker through the design.

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