How to Make Your Own Faux Stone Fireplace Surround How to Make Your Own Faux Stone Fireplace Surround

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Painters tape
Aluminum foil
Acrylic caulking (2 tubes)
Black paint
Paint of your choice (for your surrounding)
Paint brushes

A faux stone fireplace is a great addition to any room. It brings a warm, inviting feeling, and actually can be done in a weekend, if not one day! Below are the step by step directions on how to create this fireplace. Purchase the correct materials, and follow the directions, and you are sure to be pleased with the end product.

Step 1 - Decide and Measure

Decide where you want your fireplace to be, as well as how big you want your fire box to be. This will all depend on how big your room is, and the position of the fireplace.

Measure it out, and mark it with a pencil. After you have marked it, take your painters tape, and run it along the markings. You will want to double check your measurements after the tape is in place. Then you can take your black paint, and paint the painters tape box, which will become your firebox.

Step 2 - Measure for the Mantel

Now you will need to measure the area for your mantel. Do the same as you did in step number one, where you measured, marked, and applied the painters tape.

Step 3 - Make Your Stones

Now, it's time to do the fun and creative part. Take out your aluminum foil, and start shaping them into stone looking pieces. The main thing to remember in this step, is that stones are not perfect, with smooth edges. You will also want to make sure that the bottom of the foil stones should be flat, so it adheres to the wall without a problem.

Step 4 - Color Decision

Next you can paint your wall with whatever color you decide you want for the grout. Chances are you have already decided and purchased this color, so all that needs to be done is to paint the wall with it.

Step 5 - Authentic Looking Stones

Take the paint you have left from your grouting color, and mix it with a tube of acrylic caulking. After mixing those 2 items, you can apply the mixture to the top and bottom of your foil stones. This is done to give a more authentic look and feel to your foil stones.

Step 6 - Adhering the Stones

After you have left your foil stones dry, you can use stucco and black paint to create your adhesive. You will mix these 2 items together, creating your mortar. Add a tube of acrylic paint to this substance as well. Mix it all together, and apply the mixture to the foil stone bottoms, and position them into place. The spacing between the stones is completely dependant on what you are looking for.



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