How to Make Your Own Foam Soap

wall-mounted soap dispenser with pink liquid inside
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-20
What You'll Need
Empty or used foam soap container
Hand soap

Making your own foam soap can save a lot of money while providing the same benefits of much more expensive foam soap. It is essentially watered-down hand soap so they last for a very long time. In this process, you can use just ordinary hand soap like any foam soap available in the market to save a lot of money.

Step 1 - Clean the Empty or Used Foam Soap Container

First you need to have a foam soap container where you will make and store the new foam soap. You can purchase a foam soap container from the market or else if you have purchased and used any foam soap before, you can use that container for the new foam soap. Before using the container clean it thoroughly with water so that there is no residue left. Ensure that there are no leaks or other damage on the container.

Step 2 - Pour the Hand Soap into the Container

Once the container is ready, pour hand soap into the container to 33% of its volume. You can use any ordinary liquid hand soap for this purpose.

Step 3 - Pour Water to Fill the Container

Once you have added the hand soap, slowly pour clean water to fill the container. Pour the water slowly, otherwise the soap will start to foam immediately and much of it will be wasted. While filling the container, leave a gap of about one-inch at the top to prevent any kind of overflowing. Do not shake the container rigorously for mixing the hand soap with water or use any kind of stirrer otherwise the soap will again start foaming.

Step 4 - Mix the Hand Soap and Water

Once you have filled the container with water and the hand soap, close the container tightly. Then mix the soap and the water. Agitate the container slowly. Make sure the soap doesn't start foaming inside the container while mixing it.

Step 5 - Precaution

Once mixing is complete, do not open the container immediately. Pressure is created inside the container while mixing it and if you open it immediately, the soap will overflow wasting soap. While mixing the soap and water be careful not to invert the container too much otherwise the soap will come out and create a mess.