How to Make Your Own Insulated Curtains

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  • 8-16 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 150-400
What You'll Need
Tape measure
Sewing machine
Thick fabric such as upholstery fabric, denim or Damask
Curtain rod and hardware
Iron and ironing board
Curtain rings

Insulated curtains can help keep out cold air in the winter and heat in the summer, saving money on heating and cooling bills. They also look highly attractive and offer a warm appearance in your room. Soft fabric accessories are essential for a stylish look in your home décor. Insulated curtains, can, however, be quite expensive. Making your own insulated curtains can save you even more money.

Step 1 – Measure your Window

Using your tape measure and a pencil, take note of the width of your window from the outside of the window frame on each side. Also, measure from the top of your window frame to the floor.

Step 2 – Cut the Curtain Fabric

Using these measurements cut four lengths from your chosen fabric being sure to leave an inch wide sewing allowance along each edge. Your fabric width should add up to twice the length of the window so that you have gentle creases and not tight flat curtains.

Step 3 – Sewing the Curtains Together

Take 2 lengths of fabric and turn them so the best sides face each other. Using your sewing machine sew along the two longer sides and one of the shorter sides. Turn the fabric inside out. Tuck in the open edges and sew along the final side. This will be the top of your insulated curtain. Repeat the same steps with the remaining two lengths of fabric.

Step 4 – Creating the Hook Eyes

Your insulated curtains will need a way to be hung from the rail. On the inside of the curtains, sew a band with hook eyes to attach the hooks to. If you choose a different hanging method, such as rings or tabs, create them using the right method.

Step 5 – Ironing the Insulated Curtains

Press the drapes with a heated iron, paying careful attention to use the proper heat setting for your type of fabric. If the fabric is of a nature that will turn shiny when you iron it, use a lint-free cotton cloth on top of the curtain fabric to prevent this from happening.

Step 6 – Hang the Curtain Rod

If your window already has a curtain rod installed you can miss out on this step and move to Step 7. If not follow the directions that come with your curtain rod and attach it to the wall across the top of your window.

Step 7 – Finish the Insulated Curtains

Press the seams of your drapes with a heated iron paying careful attention to use the proper heat setting for your chosen fabric. Once this is done attach the curtain rods to the tops of the drapes spacing them evenly.

Step 8 – Hang the drapes

Slide the curtain rings, hooks or tabs onto the curtain rod you have hung and adjusted your new drapes so they hang evenly and cover your window. Open and close them a few times to make sure they fall and hang correctly.