How to Make Your Own Miter Clamps

What You'll Need
Combination Square
Piece of Wood
Miter joint
Utility knife

If you want to make a miter joint, but have difficulty keeping the two ends together, then you may be better off using miter clamps. These devices are designed to hold the miter joints together securely while you start the job of fixing them into place. While you can buy miter clamps, and these are as effective as you could want, it is cheaper and more practical to make your own, cutting it to your own requirements. You can make one of these very quickly and easily, and it will save you the trouble of struggling to hold your miter joints together.

Step 1 - Work out the Angle

Before you can make your miter clamps, you need to make sure that you have your joint at the correct angle. Place this onto a table, and push the two ends together using some heavy objects. You should have trimmed the ends so that they come together at a point. Use your combination square to work out the angle of the joint, and make a note of it. You should then leave the miter joint in its position until you want to use the clamp on it.

Step 2 - Cut out the Wood

Take a piece of cast-off wood, and place it onto a flat surface. Check that it has no flaws or knots in it, and then mark out the miter joint's angle onto the wood, using your combination square again. Keep the wood in place while you mark out the angle, making sure to get this correct. You should then take out your utility knife, and cut away the piece of wood which is inside the marked angle. Do not discard this piece of wood.

Step 3 - Position the Miter Clamp

Take the pieces for your miter clamp over to where the miter joint has been left. Put the larger piece of wood, that with the hole, on the outside of the joint. Fit the two pieces of wood which make up the joint into position. You can add the glue at this point in order to seal the joint. Take the smaller piece of wood, which was cut from the larger portion, and press it into the inside of the joint. You now have the joint being held in place by these two pieces of wood.

Step 4 - Apply the Clamp

In order to allow you to get on with other work, you can seal the miter clamp by using an ordinary C-clamp, and simply compressing the two pieces of scrap wood together. Place the metal end of the C-clamp onto the top of the large piece of wood, and then screw up the rubber end until it is pressing against the smaller piece of scrap wood. This should effectively hold the miter joint into the miter clamp for as long as you like.