How to Make Your Own Motorcycle Helmet Locks

  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 5-20
What You'll Need
Locking motorcycle seat
Motorcycle helmet with D ring on strap
L bracket
Large pliers

Motor cycle helmet locks are one accessory that you can make yourself with some simple equipment and a little know how. The helmet can be one of the most expensive and inconvenient pieces of equipment that you have to carry on your bike. Even doing something as simple as stopping at a restaurant while out on the open road can become a little logistically complicated when dealing with where to leave your helmet while you are trying to eat. Carrying it in and finding it its own chair at the table is one option, or you could make your own helmet lock and leave it outside with your bike. For this easy modification, you must have a locking bike seat.

    Step 1 - Bolt in Your L Bracket

    Unlock and lift your bike seat to the open position. You can locate an area that already has a bolt in it, such as the area right behind the tool pouch under the seat of many motorcycle. Even if this is not how your motorcycle is made, there will be any number of convenient bolts to use. You will want to find a bolt that you can remove and then reattach to hold your L bracket in place. Once bolted on, it is ok that your L bracket sticks up too far for your bike seat to lock down. We will fix this in a later step. This L bracket is what your helmet will hang from, so be certain it is located where your helmet will not hang dangerously close to the hot exhaust system and be damaged.

    Step 2 - Bend Your L Bracket to Shape

    Using large pliers or something similar, bend the end of the L bracket that sticks up down and in towards the area under your bike’s seat. You will want to bend it over at a height that will allow your bike seat to close easily and lock. You want your L bracket to form a flat, inward turning hook that will serve to hang your helmet from when locking it on your bike.

    Step 3 - Locking Your Helmet

    When you are ready to lock your bike helmet onto your bike, you will first lift the seat. Use one of the D rings or metal loops at the end of one of your helmet straps and loop it over the inward turning hook that you installed underneath your bike seat. The strap on your helmet should be just long enough to allow your helmet to hang on the side of your bike and allow for you to securely close your locking seat. The L hook you installed should be fairly strong and will make it impossible for anyone to pull your helmet off your bike forcibly. Also with your bike seat locked securely down, no one will be able to lift your helmet strap off of the hook you have created.