How to Make Your Own Outside Mount Blinds

What You'll Need
Fabric, or otherblind material, the length of the area to be covered
Framing wood or dowels
Screw driver
Wood screws
Sewing machine or needle and thread
6 to 8 feet of string
1/8or 1/4 inch drill bit
Drill and chuck
2 Small pulleys
2 Eye hooks, or small cleats, and associated mounting hardware

You can make your own outside mount blinds quite easily and for little cost with a little touch of ingenuity and imagination. You can make blinds from nearly any material, and the choice that you make, will add a flair, or touch to your home that sets it out from the rest of the neighborhood. They will be mounted to fabric, and because of this, you can attach just about any material that you can drill a hole through, and sew to the basic foundation of the blind.

Step 1 - Measure your Windows

When you go to create your outside mount blinds, you will want to take exact measurements to ensure that they cover all of your open window space. They are called outside mount blinds, because they mount above, and on the outside of your window frame, on the inside of your home. They are basically a type of window shade that can be constructed quite easily with just a few building materials. Measure the total width of your windows, and the height, and this will be the total measurement for your blinds when you go to make the pattern.

Step 2 - Make the Swinging Shutter Frames

You will then cut and crimp the edges of the fabric you are going to be using with a sewing machine, or with a hand stitch, using a needle and thread. Your outside mount blinds need to be hemmed on the sides and cut a few inches longer top to bottom than the final measurement. The wood dowels or frame wood you are using will determine the added length to your blind when cutting the starting length of the fabric.

Step 3 - Mount the Blinds to the Shutter Frame

Use the added length of your blind to wrap or sew the frame pieces into the fabric several feet apart running in a horizontal direction from left to right. Sew the dowels or frames wood pieces into the fabric and then drill holes with your bit on each end where they stick out from the blind. Simply thread the pull string through, from top to bottom of your outside mount blinds and you have a retractable blind that is ready to be mounted into place.

Step 4 - Mount the Frames to your Window

Take your outside mount blinds and attach them to the wall just above your window or door opening. Once they are in place, make your final adjustments. When you pull the draw string, they should pull through the pulley and lift the blinds, up and out of the way. You can incorporate plastics, or add strange designs with acrylic paints and the like, to touch up your blind.

Step 5 - Install Shutter Hooks

You can install shutter hooks to tie off the strings of your outside mount blinds, to keep them out of the way.