How to Make Your Own Pebble Tile

Making your own pebble tiles is a good way to customize any room. One of the best things about pebble tiles is that they are all unique and are natural materials. The very first thing that you need to do is to get pebbles. You can find pebbles anywhere, although the easiest place will be the beach. Collect a wide variety of different sizes, finishes and colors of pebble.

Polishing Pebbles

Depending on the look of your pebbles, you may want to polish them. You can either do this by hand, or you can use a rock tumbler. Many fossil shops by beaches will have rock polishers for you to use. This step is optional, depending on the finished look you are trying to accomplish.

Preparing the Wall

Next you need to prepare the wall for the pebble tiles, if there are any existing tiles on your wall then make sure they are removed and that the wall is flat and clean of all debris. Apply a large amount of tile adhesive to the wall so that it is deep enough to hold at least half of the pebbles.


Take a look at your tiles and work out how they can be arranged to create the best effect. There are many different ways and orientations which the pebbles can be arranged depending on the size of the pebbles and the wall. Pebbles can also be used as a flooring material which is also very durable.

Fixing the Pebble Tiles

Now you need to push the pebbles into the wall to create a unique design. Make sure that all of the pebbles fit together to create the designs. Try to keep the borders between the pebbles about the same size. If you do make a mistake then you can remove the pebble quite easily, however you may need to apply more tile adhesive.


Once the pebbles have been fixed to the wall it's then important to grout them. The grout is the substance between the tiles. Choose a color which complements the color of the pebbles used and spread it across the pebbles. Then simply brush it away from the faces so that a nice looking tiled wall is uncovered.


There are many different variations of pebble tiled walls. Very small pebbles can be used to create intricate mosaic designs. Larger pebbles can also be used to create a much more rustic appearance.


One of the best things about using pebble tiles for your walls is that they are very durable. Because these are a natural material they are extremely strong, no matter what happens to them they should never show the signs of wear and tear.