How to Make Your Own Pressure Washer Detergent

A pressure washer cleaning mildew off of a brick patio.
What You'll Need
Laundry detergent powder
All-purpose household cleaner powder
Bucket or large pot
Safety glasses
Face mask
Wooden stirring stick
Plastic tarpaulin

Pressure washer detergent can be very expensive, and if you use your pressure washer very often, then you may be considering whether you can make your own variety of detergent. The pressure washer itself is often very forceful, and applying a detergent that won't be blasted off the first second that you start using it will be very difficult to do. Pressure washer detergent is vital for cleaning areas which have a permanent stain, and also preventing problems such as mold and lichen. In order to get the advantages of using a powerful detergent while still saving money, you can make your own by following a few simple tips.

Step 1 - Mix the Powder Together

In order to begin, you should start mixing the powdered detergents together. Combine 1/3 cup powdered laundry soap and 2/3 cup household cleaner, stirring thoroughly. Once these are mixed together, leave it overnight. In the morning, place the powder and detergent in a bowl or bucket, and then put on your face mask or safety glasses.

Step 2 – Add in Bleach and Water

Mix in one quart (four cups) of liquid bleach with a gallon of water, and then stir. Don't allow the contents to settle while you add the ingredients, and keep stirring with the wooden stick. While you are adding the mixture together, make sure that the stirring spoon constantly moves around but not too fast or hard. If you stir the detergent too quickly, you will have a mass of bubbles before you can apply the detergent to the item which needs cleaning, and if you have too many suds created during the mixing, then you will need to leave the pressure washer detergent overnight to allow the bubbles to disperse before you can use them in the pressure washer.

Step 3 - Using the Detergent

When you apply the detergent to your area, make sure that you cover over any vulnerable plants or surfaces with a plastic tarpaulin, in order to prevent the bleach from damaging them. Although you have diluted the bleach, it could still harm vulnerable areas, and it is therefore a good idea to make sure that it is all covered before you use the detergent. Once everything is secure, pour the detergent solution into the tank of the washer. Spray over your surfaces with the detergent, and allow to penetrate. When you have finished using the detergent on your area, you can simply wash it off with some ordinary water.

Step 4 - Keeping the Detergent

Once you have made your own pressure washer detergent, if you don't use it all at once you can keep it in a secure place. Use an empty fuel canister or milk jug to keep the liquid in, making sure to label it appropriately. Before you use it again, make sure that you give it a good stir to mix the contents back together again.