How to Make Your Own Putting Green Flags How to Make Your Own Putting Green Flags

What You'll Need
Thin PVC Piping (approximately 1/2 inch thick or less)
Golf Ball Cup
Weather Proof Flag Material
Hack Saw
Sand Paper
Latex Paint (black or other color of your choice)
Masking Tape
Rubber Stopper

When you are building your own home putting green you will no doubt need putting green flags. There is no determined height to a putting green flag so as long as you make it visible from the tee-off area you can make it any height, color or style you like. They are usually made from durable and flexible material which can be adaptable to weather conditions. High winds can break some materials but golf flags are usually made so that the wind merely bends them. You can make your own flags if you have the correct material to do so.

Step 1 – Length

You can choose the specific length of your flag pole based on how far away your green is from the tee. If your putting green is only a short distance from the tee area you can always make a shorter flag, so choose which is best. Cut the suitable length of piping and add a rubber stopper onto the end. If your putting green is a practice green, similar to those on golf courses with a practice green containing multiple putting holes, you can do so. Many of those smaller flags are less than 2 feet high, so, if you choose, you can cut your PVC piping to accommodate the amount of holes you will be cutting into your green.

Step 2 – Cups

You will need to assess how many cups you will need if you are choosing the multiple hole route for your putting green. If just one hole is being made you will need just one cup. The golf hole cups are usually made of a standard size of about 4 inches in diameter by around 4 inches deep. The center of the cup has drainage slots for water to pass through and the exact center has a small hole to accommodate the flag pole. Make sure your PVC piping is thin enough to slot neatly into the flag cup pole holder without being too tight.

Step 3 – Cutting

Use the tape measure to accurately measure the lengths of all your small flags and use the hack saw to cut them precisely. Attach a rubber stopper to all the flags. If you bought or made mini material flag tops you can slip them over the top of each pole and position them correctly. Secure them with rubber stoppers to prevent them being carried off by the wind.

Step 4 – Paint

You will note that many golf course flag marker poles are painted black and white. To finish your flag efficiently use the masking tape at equidistant intervals and paint every other space in black. When the paint has dried, remove the masking tape and you have your finished flags.

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