How to Make Your Own Roof Caps

What You'll Need
1/8 inch sheet metal
Metal brake
Tape measure
Tin snips

When working on a metal roof, there is still the need to install roof caps to seal the roof from any water damage. Roof caps are generally thought of as a line of shingles along the ridge line. However, with a metal roof, there are 8 foot lengths of metal that are used for the roof cap. This is much easier to install than several asphalt shingles and can be made in the same color as the metal roofing material. Many times people elect to build their own roof caps to help minimize the cost involved in rebuilding the roof. This can be done quite easily, but does require some special tools and knowledge of working with sheet metal. Here are some steps to take that will help you build your own roof caps for your metal roof project. 

Step 1 - Measure Roof Ridge 

Before you start to cut out the sheet metal you will need to know how wide you want the roof caps to be. Generally, roof caps extend 6 to 8 inches from the ridge line on both sides of the roof. It helps to measure the ridge line to see where the metal roofing stops so you have enough coverage. This is especially important if you have installed a roof vent. 

Step 2 - Mark Measurements on Sheet Metal

Lay the sheet metal on a flat surface and start to mark the measurements on the surface. Keep in mind that you will need to use a metal break to bend the sheet metal. This means that you will not be able to use 8 foot sections of sheet metal for each roof cap. 

Step 3 - Cut Out Roof Cap Section

Many metal brakes will allow for up to 6 feet of material. Whichever type of metal brake you are using, make sure to cut the material to fit inside the machine. Use tin snips to cut along the lines you made on the sheet metal. 

Step 4 - Bend Edges Inward

Raw sheet metal is very sharp after it is cut. It is also susceptible to rust. With a pair of pliers, or a hammer and flat surface, bend 1/4 inch of material in on itself and tuck it under the bottom of the length of metal. This will give the edges a smoother look and make them less sharp. 

Step 5 - Bend into Shape

Mark the center point of the metal and position it in the metal brake. Apply firm pressure on the handle and begin to shape the metal into an angle that will sit on the roof slope. The more slope you have on your roof, then the more severe the angle will need to be on the metal. 

Step 6 - Paint Metal Roof Caps

Keep bending each piece of metal until you have enough to finish the roof. Set them all in a well ventilated place and spray paint them the same color as the metal roofing material. This will not only help the metal to look better, but also protect it from rust and corrosion.