How to Make Your Own Shower Wall Decals

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Vinyl shower wall decals are a quick and simple way to add visual interest to a shower. These decorative pieces can be thematic images or quotation texts. There are many removable wall decals available, but you can make your own personal decals at a fraction of the price.

Measure the Shower Wall Space

Use a measuring tape to determine the dimensions of the area for the decals.

Choosing Your Image

Choose a decorative theme for your shower, then look for corresponding images for your decals. Choose designs that less than 10x10-inches. Pick an image with a basic outline that does not overlap. Use an image editing computer software program to format your wall decal images. Use the program or search the internet for the images you would like on your decals. Consider using a famous quotation and type it in the desired font in a word processing software program. Save the text file.

Saving Your Image

Save the images you have chosen as a Jpeg file. Be sure the outline of the images and text will fit on an 8.5x11-inch vinyl sheet.

Printing Your Images

Insert a vinyl sheet into the computer printer. Print a copy of each of the images and text you have saved on your computer. Remove the vinyl sheet from the printer. Continue with the process until you have printed all of the other images and text.

Adding Color to Your Images

Lay some old newspaper on a flat surface for protection. Use the small paintbrush and the acrylic paint to add color to your images. Carefully brush the paint onto the vinyl inside the outlined images. Allow the vinyl to dry completely. Add any embellishments you would like to the decal, such as glitter or shells. Use strong glue to paste them into the decals. Leave the embellishments so that they can dry on the decals.

Step 6 - Protecting the Decals

Use a spray finish to protect the color. Work in a well-ventilated area. Carefully spray the images with the protective coating. Allow the spray finish enough time to dry.

Step 7 - Applying the Wall Decals

Use your scissors to carefully cut the painted decal images from the vinyl sheets. Choose the best layout and location for each of your images or text. Remove the backing from 1 of your vinyl wall decals. Carefully apply the decal to the shower. Gently press the decal onto the wall, smoothing any air bubbles as you go. Continue the process until you have applied all of the decals.