How to Make Your Own Solar Shower How to Make Your Own Solar Shower

What You'll Need
Measuring Tape
Masking Tape
Silicone Sealant
2 Garden Hoses (1 long 1 short)
Sprinkler Attachment
Trash Bag
Ball Valve Socket
15 O Rings (#4)
4 No. 15 O-rings

A solar shower is a great appliance to have in your yard. It is especially useful if you spend time out in a garden or if you have a pool that you will need to rinse off from or for. These are also commonly found in coastal areas where homes or condos have beach access. You will find that making one of these yourself is a job that just about anybody can do. It is not very expensive and can be done in a single afternoon if you are able to follow the instructions carefully and have all of the necessary materials handy and ready to go when you are.

Step 1 – Mark Trash Can

With your masking tape mark a spot on your trash can that is roughly an inch from the bottom of it. Once you have done this, go to the other side of the trash can and mark another spot that is four inches from the top of the edge of the trash can. Where the lower mark is is where the outlet hose will go and the top will be where you will fill the container.

Step 2 – Drill

Once you have the markings made you will be ready to drill a hole at these areas. The hole will need to be about one inch. After you have made the holes you will need to get silicone applied on both the inside and outside of it.

Step 3 – O Rings

Get each adapter and put an O ring on each of them. You will then need to get an adapter put inside of each hole and get one more O ring to go on the inside of the trash can. Once you have done this it is time to get adhesive and screw in the threaded coupling that will go on the inside of your adapter. Make sure that the adhesive has twenty four hours to cure before you do anything else.

Step 4 – Connection

If you would like, you can get a ball valve socket screwed into the adapter near the bottom of your trash can. If you do this you will need to add another adapter for the socket. You will then need to get the short garden hose and get the sprinkler attachment connected to it. Get the ball valve socket and attach it to the other side of the garden hose. The long garden hose will need to be attached to an outside tap. The other side of the hose will then attach to the top of your trash can. Make sure that you have the lid secured on at this point.

Step 5 – Position

It is now time to get the trash can positioned where you would like for it to go. Make sure that the place that you choose has plenty of sunlight. Fill up the trash can about 2/3 full and give the sun several hours to warm it up.

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