How to Make Your Own Sympathy Plants

What You'll Need
Small stones
Potting soil
Floral Tape
Floral sticks with wire
Cut flowers
Gloss spray

When you want to offer sympathy for the loss of a loved one to a friend or family member, sympathy plants make a thoughtful gift which can be kept for years. Unlike flowers, they can be taken apart and made into several potted plants, or planted in a yard or garden as a remembrance. They can be quite expensive if purchase through a florist, but you can easily put together a nice planter on your own, which is just as lovely, and perhaps a little more thoughtful because you made it yourself.

Step 1 - Choosing a Container

You can use any type of container that you like. Keep in mind the colors that you will be adding to the arrangement to be sure the container will match. Also, decide on the size you want to use before purchasing your plants and flowers to make sure that it is full. You can also consider the recipient. If it is someone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen, for instance, you can use a tea pot or decorative bowl that can be displayed in that space. After this choice is made, you can pick the plants and flowers.

Step 2 - Flowers and Plants

When you choose the plants, you will want to get a variety of 3 to 5 different kinds, and also have them in different heights. Your flowers can be purchased at any height and cut to length when arranging. You do not need a lot of flowers. Placing 3 to 5 in a sympathy plant is plenty. After these have been chosen, you can begin to put your arrangement together.

Step 3 - Putting the Arrangement Together

In the container, place small stones in the bottom. Put just enough to cover it. This will allow drainage when the sympathy plant is watered. Next, pour potting soil in the container, covering the rocks. Allow enough to hold the plants in place, but allow some room at the top. Taking your tallest plants first, plant them in the center of the container. Next, using the remaining plants, add them by their height going from largest to smallest. Be sure to go all the way around the container. Place more potting soil around the plants and pat the soil in gently to give the plants a firm hold. You will then cut the flowers to the size you want, depending on where you decide you would like to place them in the arrangement. For each flower, place a floral stick at the end of the stem, and wrap the attached wire up the stem. Cover this with floral tape. This will make the flower easy to place into the container without breaking the stem. When you have your plants and flowers as you want them, you will be ready for the finishing touches.

Step 4 - The Finishing Touches

Your sympathy arrangement will look great at this point, but a couple of finishing touches will give it a professional look. Place moss around the plants. This will not only make the arrangement look nicer, but the moss will hold in water. Next, Using gloss spray for plants will give it a shiny, healthy look. Hold the can approximately 8 inches from the arrangement. Spray evenly on all sides of the arrangement. Add a pretty ribbon to match your flowers. Attach the ribbon to another floral stick to make it easy to insert into the container. Water the planter well and you are ready to give your beautiful and thoughtful, sympathy plant.