How to Make Your Own Table Top Tile

What You'll Need
Graph paper, Pencil, Tape measure
Tile nippers, Ceramic tile
Notched trowel
Grout float, Grout
Goggles, Gloves
Plastic buckets, Stirring stick
Newsprint or cardboard
Tile adhesive

Making your own table top tile is an exciting and fun thing to do. You can even reinvent an old table top by laying tiles on table top. You can also discover several choices of tiles ranging from marble, glass, ceramic or slate, and selections of table tops from glass, wood, Formica or iron. You will discover here how to put in interlocking ceramic tile on a well-built wooden table through calculating, preparing the design, and purchasing the materials, placing out the tile waterless, scattering tile glue on the tiles or the table, grouting the tiles and then sealing the chosen ceramic table top.

Step 1 – Prepare for Table Top Tile Making

Get ready to set up the tiles on a table top by choosing an existing strong table, buying, or even building a new one. You need to sand the table’s surface as needed. Also, familiarizing with shapes, sizes, and color schemes of ceramic tiles along with its patterns, and how they might be arranged. Sketch a tile plan on a graph paper to scale following measuring the table top using a tape measure.

Step 2 – Determine the Tiles Needed

Estimate or compute the quantity of tile as well as other supplies you will need through multiplying the depth times the width of the existing table top for square shaped footage, and add no less than 20 percent more as pad for errors. Choose a ceramic tile as well as supplies needed at your favorite home improvement or tile shop.

Step 3 – Make the Tile

Arrange the ceramic tile with no adhesive along the table top to be used, beginning from the center then moving outward, observing the tile design you created as you go. Decide if you already like the outcome of your design before adhering it. Leave about ¼ inch between tiles for the grout. Cut out tiles to put in as needed with tile nippers. If you already like the layout, slowly remove and rearrange the tiles in similar pattern on cardboard or sheets of newsprint on the floor.

Mix the tile adhesive or mortar in a bucket using water required as indicated by package directions, and then apply it on the table top or the ceramic tiles’ back directly using a notched trowel to make ridges. Put in ceramic tile to the table top, again working from the middle outward in line with the tile model, pressing the tiles securely into place. Leave it for 24 hours to dry the adhesive properly.

Step 4 – Finalize the Table Top Tile

Spread wet grout on the table top following combining the dry grout inside a bucket along with required amount of water. Apply the grout all over the tiled table top, utilizing a grout float then pressing grout along the gaps using your fingers. Allow the grout to dry up to 20 minutes, and then wipe using a damp sponge the tiled surface. Let the grout set for 48 hours.

Once dry, you can already put the newly tiled table top in the area where you want it to be used and adored.