How to Make Your Own Toothpaste

What You'll Need
Baking soda
hydrogen peroxide or water
peppermint oil
small plastic containers
Mixing containers
Wooden spoons
Table salt (optional)

Leading toothpaste manufacturers want you to believe that their products are the only ones available to clean your teeth. Crest and Colgate and other name brands also come in non biodegradable containers.  But there is a low-cost, equally effective alternative for toothpaste. You can make it yourself! As a plus, the ingredients you’ll use in making your own toothpaste are all natural and do not contain any artificial ingredients. This could be a fun thing for kids to do with adult supervision and can save you money. Why not take the time to save money AND bond with the kids?

Step One- Add Baking Soda

Gather a medium to big sized mixing bowl and a wooden spoon. Pour a half cup (½)baking soda into the bowl. The Baking Soda can be found in commercial toothpastes and has a natural cleansing ability. Baking Soda will actually eat away at any coffee or tea stains on teeth. It is non toxic and will help polish your teeth.

Step Two-Add table Salt (optional)

Some recipes call for table salt. Its totally your choice of whether you want to add this ingredient. Maybe you choose not to for taste or health reasons. If you choose to do so, mix three parts of baking soda with one part table salt. The salt acts as a preservative but may also change the way the toothpaste tastes if you use too much.

Step Three- Add Hydrogen peroxide and flavoring oil

Add a quarter cup (1/4) of hydrogen peroxide. If you do not have it around, you may use water. The peroxide helps whiten teeth as well as naturally disinfects your mouth. Hydrogen peroxide/toothpaste needs to be stored away from sunlight because it breaks down very quickly in the in UV light. The drop of peppermint oil will leave your mouth feeling fresh. You may use any flavoring (vanilla, cinnamon, almond) you like as long as you make sure theirs no sugar added and it doesn’t have a lot of acid. The acids will produce a fizzing reaction to the baking soda.    

Step Four-Mix well

Mix the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide with a wooden spoon until it is a paste. If you need to add more baking soda (or vice versa) until you get the right consistency.  You do not want it too runny or it will not stick to your toothbrush.

Step Five-Storage

As mentioned before, the toothpaste will have to be stored away from sunlight. It also has to be put in a small container where it will not dry out. Plastic containers work well. You can purchase containers (or any of the listed ingredients) in any craft store. You may also use an empty lotion bottle so you can squeeze out the toothpaste rather than dipping the toothbrush in.