How to Make Your Own Vacuum Bags

What You'll Need
Heavy cotton
Thick string
Measuring tape
Sewing machine

A vacuum cleaner is an important key to keeping your home clean, but constantly replacing vacuum bags can be costly. If you have not upgraded your current vacuum cleaner to a bagless model, then vacuum bags are a necessity. This article will show you how to make your own reusable, washable vacuum bags.

Step 1 - Cutting the Bag

Use one of your old paper bags as a template for your new vacuum bags. Cut the paper bag along the seams. Lay your cotton fabric on a flat surface and place the bag on of it. Cut the fabric with the scissors to get the general outline of the bag. Do not worry about cutting out flap pieces because you are switching from paper to fabric. Make the fabric at least 2 inches larger than the paper bag.

Step 2 - Sewing the Fabric Vacuum Bag

This is relatively easy and doesn't have to be perfect to get a working bag. Fold the piece of fabric in half and make sure the top lines up. Place the folded fabric under the sewing machine needle and make a new seam from the bottom up on one side. Make the seam about ¼-inch from the edge. Now, make a second seam ¼-inch from the first seam. You are making a double seam as well as making the fabric vacuum bag harder to rip. Repeat the seams on the remaining side.

Step 3 - Making the Drawstring

Use the scissors to make very small holes around the top of the sewn bag. Make the holes as close to each other as possible. Now, thread the thick string in the holes. Start on the outside then weave it from the inside to the outside of the bag. Continue doing this until all the holes are filled. You can now pull the bag tight and tie the ends of the string together to form a slipknot.

Step 4 - Using Fabric Vacuum Bags

Before using the fabric vacuum bag you want to spray the inside of it with oil. Use a can of WD40 to easily do this job. The oil will prevent dust particles from escaping the bag as well as keeping them loose enough to easily clean. Once the bag is oiled you can insert it over the hose inside the vacuum and pull the drawstring tight so that the bag will remain secure.

Step 5 - Emptying and Cleaning

Loosen the drawstring and remove the bag. Turn the bag inside out over a garbage can. You can wash bag normally.