How to Make Your Own Wedding Cake

As wedding is a momentus occasion, couples seldom hesitate to spend big money on fancy wedding cakes from professional bakers. But the truth is that wedding cakes can be prepared at home without sacrificing beauty or taste. A multi-tiered wedding cake need not be difficult if you know basic elements of wedding cake construction. Only thing any super structure would need is a good foundation to withstand the height and weight of multi-layered cakes.

Creating Foundation

To prepare a solid and firm cake bottom, prepare and frost the cake layers on a cake board, usually a thick piece of plywood. Make sure the board is at least marginally larger than the cake to arrest spillage.

Lending Support to the Cake

Cut out a couple of rounds using thick paper boards to place beneath each tier of the cake before building the next tier. It may be necessary to tape the two layers of each tier to get the necessary strength and firmness.

You'll also want to cover the extra-thick cardboard circles with larger pre-cut foils. Place the cardboard centrally on the foil. Create cuts with a knife at intervals of 1 inch, along the full round. Fold each tab of the 1-inch foils above the rounds and tie them.

Creating the Structure of the Wedding Cake

To determine the correct position for each of the ascending tiers, gently press the foil-covered paper board at around the middle of the base tier and carefully bring it down onto the frosted surface. After successfully completing the delicate exercise, remove the cardboard.

To provide support, gently insert a minutely thick wooden pin into the middle of the base tier and note the height of the cake. After removing the dowel use a strong knife to cut at the previously fixed height. Create a few dowel pieces of equal lengths and shove the dowel pieces into the bottom tier, spacing the pieces evenly. Some complain that wooden pins are not easy to cut and in which case, some pins made of relatively softer material can be used to lend strength to the individual tiers. 

Decorating Your Wedding Cake

It is essential to add some imaginative decorations to the wedding cakes to make them look attractive and appealing to the wedding guests. There are decorating bags available in the market for creating fanciful letters or flowers and piping along the borders. Alternately, one can procure premade decorations from cake-making retail outlets. Yet another simple way to decorate a wedding cake is using fresh flowers. But sometimes the flowers may have pesticides or other deposits on them. Make sure to thoroughly wash the fresh flowers before placing them on the cake.

There is a famous proverb: "If you bake your own wedding cake, you will work hard all your married life." This was said presumably to motivate the bride to prepare her own wedding cake. Brides who believe that dedication, gentle care and painstaking efforts are the qualities needed for a long and harmonious wedded life can enlist the support of their mothers and other family members in preparing the perfect wedding cake for the big day.